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Deflected Bobby Wood strike pushes FC Union Berlin to victory

Bobby Wood FC Union Berlin 28

It may have taken a wicked deflection, but Bobby Wood and FC Union Berlin will take his latest game-winning goal all the same.

Wood helped earn Union Berlin a victory on Friday by netting the decisive strike in a 2-1 comeback win at home over Karlsruher. The 23-year-old forward struck at the hour-mark via a shot that fortuitously ricocheted off a defender before changing flight completely and soaring into the back of the net.

The goal was Wood’s 10th of the season, and¬†extended his current scoring streak to three games. He started and played 80 minutes in the match, and also picked up a yellow card.

Wood’s run of form will be music to the ears of U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and American fans everywhere. Two World Cup qualifiers against Guatemala are a few weeks away, and the U.S. could use as many in-form strikers as possible, especially since first-choice forward Jozy Altidore suffered a hamstring injury earlier this week that could force him to miss the games.

You can see Wood’s goal here:

What do you think of Wood scoring the winner for FC Union Berlin? How many goals will he finish with this season? Do you have him as the top option to start at forward for the USMNT in next month’s qualifiers?

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  1. He need to be sending more players to Bundesliga and fewer to the EPL. BL2 is a better developmental league than the Championship and our guys seem to get a better shake in Germany than in GB. I feel like there is a real undercurrent of “US players suck and we don’t have any interest in them doing anything except sucking forever so we can keep them on the roster to sell shirts but no time on the pitch even in matches that were decided long ago.” In the Bundesliga and BL2 it seems like if you can play then you will play with minimal political bullshit. I have heard players say there is a real skepticism of US players in the EPL and LaLiga in general but less of that in other leagues.

    • I’ve been screaming about sending our players to Germany and France for years as targets. EPL pays more, but you will still make over a million in Germany and France. The issue is the EPL will have even more money next year.

      • Its not just money. So many of our players grew up only being able to watch EPL, and they dreamed of playing for Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. That dream doesn’t just go away because a more sensible option is presented to you, especially when you have an opportunity to realize that dream the way Spector, Kirovski, Howard, Friedel, and now Miazga did, and actually sign with the team.

        However, if you look at our younger guys (U-17s and lower), they are expanding their dream clubs. This is the generation that grew up watching Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern, BVB, Villareal, Fiorentina, Juventus, etc., as well as following successful clubs from other lesser leagues like Porto, Ajax, PSV etc.

      • Mac,
        I definitely concede that point to a certain degree. However, keep in mind that I was watching La Liga on ESPN back in ’97. In the early 2000’s I was watching EPL/La Liga/Serie A/Ligue 1/Bundesliga on a combination of Fox Sports World (the Fox Soccer Channel)/ESPN/GOL.

        I think it comes down to the EPL marketing and identification with the league due to presence of US players. Guys in their early 20’s were watching soccer when players in the early 200’s were heading to EPL (Fulhamerica. Aston Villa/ Man Utd/Westham etc). Besides that, other leagues were not recruiting US players (besides Clint Mathis for a brief period in Germany). The Eredivisie had 2 players, but it was hard to catch.

  2. Franco buddy, FYSA they were playing Karlsuhe. I used to live in K-town(Kaiserslautern) & watched BW number of times in league 2. No hesitation in his game-always hungry.

  3. Hope he gets a chance to play in the Bundesliga I next season. It would also be nice if AJ got healthy and in form and could get on the pitch and start scoring.

  4. 10 goals actually has him up 2nd in the 2 Bundesliga. He’s been very good holding the ball up and keeping possession for Union as well.

  5. Bobby Wood just has great energy moving forward.. Dempsy-ish almost in the turn-in-pounce..

    This guy’s got some decent skill..

    Seems to be quicker than defenders in the final third and strong enough to fight if needed..

    10 goals maybe 15 after all is said and done..

    Good ypung American striker

  6. Wicked deflection for sure, but he showed good power and skill to gain possession and get a shot off. He’s really becoming more successful with his left foot. He’s forcing Juergen to make him a fixture on the squad, dig it. BVB should get him as a Ramos replacement! Kidding. Sort of.


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