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Must-See Goal: Lionel Messi to Luis Suarez



  1. I love watching Barca but this is stupid and unsporting. If they wanted Suarez to get his hat-trick, they should have just let him take the penalty.

  2. Totally love Ray Hudson’s announcing! It isn’t just the flowery descriptions. It’s the fact that he is one of the very, very few announcers that actually notice and point out examples of exceptional technical accomplishments, such as brilliant traps, runs, tackles, shielding, passes, etc. Most announcers, Twellman among the worst, spend all their time describing tactics, which may be appropriate for the NFL, but totally ignores the most beautiful and entertaining aspects of the game. MLS and USSoccer love to run out the ‘beautiful game’ banner but make no attempt to ensure that the things that make soccer beautiful and entertaining are noticed and appreciated by new fans. Instead we get Taylor Twellman delivering chalkboard talks while beautiful passes, traps, and dribbles go unnoticed. That’s why I’ve pretty much given up on US soccer and watch almost solely la Liga where the ‘beautiful game’ really resides!

    • The Hispanic announcers on Univision, ESPND, Telemundo, etc. – like Jesus Bracamonte, Pablo Ramirez, Fernando Palomo, Mario Kempes, Enrique Bermudez, etc. – those guys all come from a So. American tradition of florid and descriptive radio commentary, so the style they inherited and adopted comes from having to describe the game in great detail to fans listening only to an audio feed. Moreover, just as Eskimos have 35-50 different words to describe different qualities of snow, v. say an American from Boston, v. an Amerrican from So. Carolina who rarely sees snow and ice – the richness of their descriptive vocabulary and their intimacy with the nuances of the game is born from a cuture where socccer is the life blood of sports culture, is the soul of a nation, where socccer is King and has ruled for over 50-75 years. Their florid tongues and knowledge of the game puts most of the American commentators to shame.

  3. Wow, haven’t seen that before.

    Haha, I love how Ray Hudson makes these crazy metaphors and then follows them into the unknown. His tendency to be grandiose and poetic can often leave him sounding awkward or overly purple, but I admire his zest and imagination.

    That said, he probably should’ve just stopped at “Shakespearian”. King Lear made a big mistake based on his ego and gullibility that ended up driving him to great loss. This situation is almost the opposite of that. Messi savvily gives up his golden chance to Suarez and it produces immediate goodness.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know about it. Loved this though, and after they did it, I looked up who did it first.

      Cryuff was the one who did it first, so I guess you can call it the Cryuff. He did it to his teammate while playing for Ajax. His teammate passed it back to him and Cryuff scored. It’s on youtube.

      • The Ajax goal was classic – tap, tap and then tap into a wide open net. I haven’t seen that video for a while, but I seem to remember the keeper not even diving once he realized what was happening. Cruyff prided himself on constantly out-thinking his opponents, and that PK was as good an example as anything. This one; not so classic. Though the PK was converted, Barca actually found a way to take a 90-10 proposition and convert it down to 50-50, based on less direct angle and giving the keeper a couple steps to cut down the space further.

    • It was apparently intended for Neymar, I think messi was waiting for a better occasion to score his 300th. Hudson makes watching la liga difficult in my opinion. He trys way too hard, constantly.


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