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U.S. U-19s overwhelmed by France in Copa de Atlantico


After falling to Spain in its first game of the Copa de Atlantico, the U.S. Under-19 Men’s National Team was overwhelmed in its sophomore effort of the tournament.

The U.S. was thrashed by France, 5-0, on Wednesday in its second game of the tournament, which is being held in the Canary Islands and marks Brad Friedel’s first tournament in charge of the U-19 group. The defeat follows a narrow 1-0 loss to Spain.

Just seven minutes in, the U.S. was already forced onto the back foot after conceding a penalty kick. The spot kick was promptly buried by Toulouse product Maxime Pelican, who netted a second goal 13 minutes later. Paris Saint-Germain’s Odsonne Edouard bagged a brace of his own with goals in the 67th and 72nd minutes before Nicolas Javier capped the scoring in the 80th minute.

In total, France mustered 14 shots compared to just six for the Americans, who will look to rebound in their final game of the tournament on Friday against the Canary Islands.

Take a closer look at the U.S. lineup as well as highlights of the game below:

U.S. U-19 lineup: Kevin Silva, Edwin Munjoma, Tanner Dieterich, Auston Trusty, Grant Robinson (David Loera, 79′),Terrell Lowe, Eric Calvillo (John Nelson, 45′), Ethan Zubak (Brian Saramago, 60′), Weston McKinnie (Djordje Mihailovic, 79′), Pierre Da Silva (McKinzie Gaines, 26′), Simon Lekressner


  1. I also wonder what the point of this team is. Same with the U-18s. I’m still holding out hope for a win over the Canary Islands to finish this tournament up.

    • I don’t really see the point of a U-19 team, but the U-18 is important because we do get a lot of kids who are too old for the U-17 squad, but are young enough to participate in the future U-20. Without the U-18 squad, a lot of prospects would be left out of the youth national team set up for years until they are eligible for the next tourney.

      Mukwelle Akale is a good example. Too old for last years U-17 WC, but is young enough for the U-20 WC in 2017. The U-18 squad allowed him to remain in the US youth system, even if he can’t compete in a youth WC for another a few years.

  2. What is an U-19 team? Is it players not good enough for the U-20 team, or is it those players who also player on the U-20 team but are under 20 so they also play on this team?

  3. That lineup is trash, none of those dudes besides Pierre Da Silva is a decent prospect. Johnny Nelson is good, but the whole backline is horrible outside of him.

    • Looking at the defending: 2nd goal goal was offside; 3rd goal right back was so far out of coverage he was useless; 4th goal left back didn’t mark tightly and center back & gk should have challenged for the cross; 5th goal the left back is jogging back as the center back chases down attacker and gk didn’t come out to close down the angle.

      Friedel was the coach and the gk great didn’t teach these guys to challenge for the cross
      and come out to shut down the angle? WTF.

      It was clear who were the amateurs (USA) and pros (France). The body posture and lack of passion/reaction tells it all. The pro players played with conviction and urgency, whereas
      the amateurs didn’t seem to care.


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