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Report: Beckham group buys private land required for Miami stadium

Photo by Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports
Photo by Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports

David Beckham’s Miami MLS project took a major step towards becoming a reality on Thursday.

The Miami Herald reported that Beckham’s group purchased private land required for the league’s proposed stadium in Overtown. The purchase now moves Beckham’s group into the process of attempting to gain county approval for the acquisition of government-owned land needed for the stadium, as well as zoning approval from the city of Miami.

“We have the right site, the right ownership group, and a loyal base of fans counting down the days until our first match,” Beckham partner Marcelo Claure said in a statement. “We’re all-in on Overtown, and we couldn’t be more excited about moving forward with plans to deliver the most responsible stadium in Miami history.”

The acquisition comes after several years of failed attempts to secure a stadium site. Following issues in Port Miami, Little Havana and near Marlins Park, Beckham’s group selected Overtown, but needed to purchase the land necessary. According to the Herald, Beckham’s group faced several delays in acquiring a six-acre parcel owned by the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Gimenez hopes to waive bidding requirements, which would require Beckham’s group to pay the $9 million market rate and agree to a package of benefits for local residents.

Beckham must now earn approval from the Miami City Commission, which must sign off on the stadium plans and the closing of nearby streets to accommodate the venue’s construction.

What do you think of the latest MLS Miami news? Excited by the progress? Have any doubts?

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  1. I hope Becks and his pals (as opposed to MLS or the city) are bearing the financial risk here. As years of fitful “progress” have shown, this was always going to be a heavy lift. Add Miami’s well-deserved reputation as a lukewarm (at best) sports town, and the demise of the Fusion, and you have very sketchy situation. The whole thing strikes me as the final revenge of the “foreign glamor will put us on the map” stage of MLS’s development.

    • Apparently, Becks and his investors are footing the bill, bearing the majority of immediate financial risk here- part of what the cheeseball “most responsible stadium” tag is pointing at. That said- MLS is risking something even more significant than that- it is putting its credibility, image/”brand” on the line which of course leads to a more long term financial risk.

  2. It’s so very easy to be a skeptic. Past history with Miami in MLS. Past history of Miami as a sports-town in general- you’d be a fool not to take these things into account. Being that I am a West Coaster, other than passing through, I’m not too familiar with Miami. However, what I do see from a distance…. iIt being so closely linked with Latin America through culture and media, the glitzy cosmopolitan nature of it – and filling a hole in the league regionally- one can understand the reason why MLS is so determined and willing to take a risk there- and this IS a risk. For certain it is a front-running town but…………… it is a place that will get behind a winner and a city that WILL attract international quality players BUT MLS better not half-ass this! The stadium, the players signed, the marketing, the team management MUST be top notch and win with attractive soccer. If it works- it could be huge and highlight one of the things that makes the US and in turn could make MLS so very unique and intriguing- the push and pull/meeting of diverse cultural, geographical uniquely flavored clubs/characters in competition could be very engaging. I hope it works!!!!! If it does, it will be a boon to the league- if it flops- an embarrassing disaster.

  3. Yeah, it would be horrible if they had to “agree to a package of benefits for local residents.”

    But for real, those community benefit agreements don’t usually offer very much but I’d much rather see a new MLS team doing one rather than avoiding one.

    • They also go to pay below the market value of the land too. So I guess Beckham and his group, got wise and hired a political consultant to spread some “contributions” around thereby greasing the wheels of this little project.

      • did they? article says:

        “The process requires Beckham’s group to pay market rate, which the county estimates at $9 million, and agree to a package of benefits that include hiring requirements for local residents.”

  4. This is actually not a terrible location. Pretty much right in downtown, a few blocks off the water, close to major highways. Way better than some of the more inland sites IMO.


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