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Rapids announce Tim Howard as latest DP signing


The rumors and links have finally been confirmed. Tim Howard is returning to MLS.

The U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper was announced as the Colorado Rapids’ latest Designated Player signing on Sunday. He will join the club’s roster on July 4.

“Tim is exceptional, both as a player and a person,” Paul Bravo, technical director and VP of soccer operations, said in a release. “He proved it at the last World Cup for the U.S National Team and he has been proving it for the last decade in the English Premier League. He has experience at the very pinnacle of the sport but we feel he has much still to offer on the pitch. We believe this is a pivotal signing for the Colorado Rapids.”

In February, a report claimed the 37-year-old netminder would receive an annual salary of $2 million, which would make him the highest paid goalkeeper in MLS.

Howard, who has spent the past 10 seasons with Everton, started 23 times for the English Premier League club in the 2015-16 season, but his last appearance came on Jan. 24. At the international level, Howard has earned 106 caps for the U.S.

What do you think of Howard signing with the Rapids? How do you think he will do in MLS?

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  1. Eric: What an amazing off-season. See here, they’ve positioned themselves see! Ha what a joke! Howard will never be a Rapid and you will eat your words New School!

    Haha. It never gets old seeing this story. Keep eating, “Eric”.

  2. While Howard is an upgrade at the position, and would be at almost any team in MLS, I still believe that this is a waste of a DP signing. Keeper is one area where the US has always been able to develop quality players, so giving Howard a DP slot and money just seems silly. I would much prefer MLS teams bring in DPs that have a skill that improves the overall play on the field..Strikers, Creative Midfielders, etc…rather than a position where there are a number of quality players available at a greatly reduced price tag. Additionally the age factor bothers me. The league needs to move away from singing these Mid/Late 30 year old players. They need to focus on DPs in their Mid to Late 20s and not players getting ready to retire.

    • Generally I agree with you as far as it being a waste to use a DP slot on a keeper, and when it looked like Howard was going to be the only DP the rapids brought in I was really unhappy. But they signed Gashi who’s looked very good, and hopefully Jones can do for the Rapids what he did for the Revs. Really Howard isn’t being brought in to make the Rapids significant better. He’s here to put butts in the seats which the Rapids desperately need

      • He’s here to put butts in the seats which the Rapids desperately need

        To Lost’s point, I don’t think a GK (even Howard) will put butts in seats beyond his first few home games. However, I do think he’s considered an upgrade.

        Best case scenario Zac MacMath (who’s under achieved) could gain something tangible from this signing and being close to one of the best keepers we’ve ever produced.

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