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The SBI Show: Episode 248 (Talking CCL and previewing the MLS Eastern Conference)

Bradley Trapp MLS East Preview (USA TODAY Sports)

The 2016 MLS season kicks off on Sunday and The SBI Show is back just in time to break down the upcoming campaign.

Episode 248 of The SBI Show breaks down the MLS Eastern Conference, as we take a closer look at all 10 teams with special guest Paul Tenorio.

We also take a look back at the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals, which saw all four MLS teams eliminated by Mexican clubs.

Other topics include the new U.S. Socccer logo, and much more.

Give Episode 248 of The SBI Show a listen here:

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  1. Hey Ives, perhaps I’ve missed it, haven’t been as present here with all of my coaching responsibilities, but if you haven’t covered it I think a good topic would be the pathetic implementation of the age change rules mandated by ussoccer…don’t know anyone involved with the sport here in Northern California that is pleased. years and years of planning for small clubs to compete, develop players and teams, just tossed to the curb by the thoughtless ussoccer leadership. all for a few ODP players. could have just implemented the age change going forward with the youngest age groups and we’d be age pure soon without dumping on all the years of work and planning for most all teams and clubs that are worth a damn

  2. unless/until Garber and co. fix the scheduling to prepare MLS teams for knockout games in the CCL, he should just abandon the competition. He really pisses me off on this one

    cue the arguments about how cold it is, can’t schedule games this early, blah blah blah

    not saying the Mexican clubs wouldn’t win anyway, simply saying like this we don’t know, which is a freakin joke!

  3. Hey, the show’s back!

    It will be an adjustment getting used to a new voice now, but as for this show, it was a great one coming out of the gate for not having made one in months.

    As usual, thanks and solid episode…

  4. Wow! What a difference! I don’t want to bash Garrett. I like him well enough, but the difference in polish, preparation and professionalism between the show with Garrett vs the show with Tenorio is night and day. It’s a completely different show. I was very impressed. Great show. I hope Paul stays on and the chemistry between he and Ives keeps growing.

    • I don’t if it’s better…it’s just different. This is definitely more professional whereas with Garrett it’s more like 2 friends shooting the sh**. I like both for different reasons.


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