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Danny Williams accepts three-game ban for scuffle with teammate

Danny Williams Reading 22

Danny Williams is set to miss some time for Reading FC after engaging in a on-field scuffle with his captain earlier this week.

On Friday, Reading announced Williams and teammate Paul McShane have accepted three-match bans from the English Football Association for their incident in Tuesday’s loss to Middlesbrough. The pair will miss out on matches against Leeds United, Hull City and Queens Park Rangers as a result of their suspensions.

“I would like to say sorry to the manager, my teammates, the club and most importantly all of our supporters for a heat of the moment incident that happened late in the game on Tuesday night,” Williams said.

“Everyone who sees me on the pitch will know I am a man who plays his football with pride and passion and who will do everything he can to win three points for his team. But on this occasion, this wasn’t the right reaction and although Macca and I apologized to each other after the final whistle, we both know we have let down our fans.”

With the season’s final stretch coming, Reading sits firmly in the middle of the table in the 14th position. Williams has appeared in 33 games this season, netting five goals.

What do you think of Williams suspension? Any major concerns?

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    • Froboy, that is true, but remember that De Jong got suspended by MLS, and in MLS De Jong has only hurt someone once. The “consistently hurts people” goes out the window and does not apply.

      I think it is silly that either player (Williams and McShane) got suspended. If there was going to be a suspension it should be the club’s decision since the incident involved their own players going at each other. It shouldn’t be an FA decision. That’s just me.

  1. It is hard to tell from the video clip because it didn’t show the whole incident. If you watch it in real time Danny definitely goes for the other player’s head and grabs it after the headbutt attempt. At first glance it looked like the throat but after watching it again, I don’t think so. Unfortunately, the slower motion replay cuts out too early to really see his reaction or how the incident was resolved on field. I think it is fair to assume there was more to it than just what was in the short video clip if there was a 3 game suspension by the league and not the team.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more to this story than we’re aware of or that has taken place behind closed doors.

  3. Agreed. Absolutely ridiculous.
    A) he only confronted his teammate; its his teammate that made it violent with the headbutt.
    B) since the other guy was the CAPTAIN, shouldnt his suspension be harsher for unbecoming behavior and awful “leadership”?

    • Yup, and what sucks is that this might hurt Williams chances of making the Copa America roster. Missing games won’t help his cause, especially with the season almost over.


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