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Video: Barcelona reveals Camp Nou transformation



  1. Ambitious…wouldn’t it be more cost effective and quicker to just start from scratch? Surely, there’s another stadium in Barcelona they could use for a year and change while the Camp Nou is torn down and rebuilt…probably save millions.

    • Not sure it is cheaper to rebuild a 100K + seat stadium. If they manage the schedule well and can continue playing inside during the construction, costs can be amortized, which could make for an important difference. Over five years a renovation can appear cheaper than a new building over two years. Space may be an issue too. Building a second stadium next to the camp nou before it is demolished may not be possible.

      Also, thankfully, it appears that in some parts of the world keeping a bit of history is worth the headache and short term financial strain. (talking to you Yankees)

      Great buildings are rare and should be fought for.


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