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Bob Bradley’s Le Havre narrowly misses promotion on final day


Managed by former US national team manager Bob Bradley, French side Le Havre AC went into this weekend’s home Ligue 2 fixture against Bourg Peronnas needing third-place Metz to lose. The team also needed to equal Metz’ goal difference of seven higher than their own.

On Friday, Metz lost 1-0 to RC Lens, but Bradley’s team missed the third position in Ligue 2 after a 5-0 win over Bourg Peronnas. Unable to come up with another goal in the final minutes of the match to equal the goal differential, Bradley and Le Havre will remain in Ligue 2 next season.

The thrilling finish ended in disappointment for Bradley’s team, though. Le Havre forward Ghislain Gimbert headed in the fifth goal in the 82nd minute, launching a frantic push for a sixth goal that never came.

In Lens, Racing Club de Lens forward Lailana Nomenjahary slotted his team into the lead in just the 8th minute. Lens stayed on the front foot until the very end of the match, but the result ultimately didn’t affect Metz, who celebrated their promotion following the final whistle.


  1. Really appreciate these articles/updates on the Bob these past few weeks. Please, if Bob is still there, update us from the day 1 of the next season. Would love to have a dedicated writer focus on this story who might be able to dig a bit deeper. Thanks to SBI.

  2. I think the most telling part of the season was early on Bob called his team out for not working and/or training hard enough. That would have been a chance for a team to turn on their new manager, but they stuck with him.

    • Good call Jonny. BB has some guys over there that he thinks need to work harder. He will make some changes in personal as well as the locker room culture and it will be fun to see him make a run to try and get to Ligue 1.
      I have not been coming on that much lately. If you had a youth development question, I would be happy (and honored) to answer. I will check back.

  3. Another excellent job. Bradley has become a much better coach through these last 3 opportunities that he has had. Give him time to get his own guys in there.

    • Sepp I had a youth development question the other day (can’t remember what it was now of course) and was just thinking I haven’t seen you here in awhile glad to see your still around.

  4. Bob’s become a bit of an expert at getting really close to a huge result. Egypt almost qualifies for the WC, and now Le Havre almost makes it to Ligue1.

  5. So close! Well, even though they didn’t go up I have to think that there were some owners out there who suddenly took interest in Bradley.


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