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Kamara lashes out at Higuain, reveals chemistry issues after PK incident

Photo by Greg Bartram/USA Today Sports
Photo by Greg Bartram/USA Today Sports

Playmakers and strikers are supposed to be on the same page. Kei Kamara and Federico Higuain might not even be reading the same book.

The Columbus Crew were dealt their latest bitter blow of the season on Saturday when they allowed a three-goal lead to slip away in a 4-4 draw at home against the Montreal Impact. Former Columbus forward Dominic Oduro capped the Impact’s comeback with a 93rd-minute goal, and the Crew moved to just nine points on the year to sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference.

While the meltdown at Mapfre Stadium was a big talking point, so too was the incident that occurred between Kamara and Higuain early in the second half.

In the 53rd minute with the score at 3-1, Ethan Finlay drew a penalty kick that Kamara wanted to take in an attempt to record his first career hat-trick. Higuain refused to give Kamara the ball, however, and the two of them had a lengthy debate as to who would take the spot kick before captain Michael Parkhurst came over to help put an end to the dispute.

Higuain was the player who took the penalty and converted it, and Kamara was frustrated with the Argentine in the moment and after the match because of that.

“That’s selfish,” Kamara told reporters after the game. “That’s not teammates. That’s selfishness.”

Kamara did not leave it at just that. The 31-year-old forward said he lost out on the MLS Golden Boot last year because he did not take the penalty kicks that Higuain claimed, and also stated that there is no real chemistry between them as evidenced by the lack of assists that Higuain has on Kamara’s goals during their time together as teammates.

“I really haven’t had to depend on (Higuain) at all,” Kamara said. “How long have I been here? How many goals have I scored? How many have come from his assists? One, maybe two, so I don’t depend on him. I depend on Ethan and my outside backs to pass me balls.”

“The relationship with my playmaker … there is none,” Kamara added. “I never have to worry about it.”

Higuain, 31, did not speak after the match, leaving the locker room before the media made its way in.


  1. Overlooked in this kerfuffle is Drogba’s sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, again. Just annoying.

  2. This is a direct result of a weak coach. Berhalter needs to get a handle on this situation soon, if it isn’t already too late. Really bad sign when a player, no matter how good, starts to dominate the team like this.

    Kamara is pulling a Balotelli in my eyes. Yes, he’s playing great, scoring lots of goals but look what his insolence does to his team. They lose a 3 goal lead. Pathetic.

  3. Not sure whether there’s any truth to the claim of intent,. but Higuain has 3 more MLS assists than Kamara in slightly more than half of Kamara’s MLS minutes. Different roles, but Kamara isn’t exactly known for looking for teammates.

  4. Good lord, Kamara comes off like a child. Come to think of it, I just watched my own kid (team’s designated PK taker) get into an argument with a teammate over a PK. Other kid took it, missed, team lost. It’s actually a very effective way to end the debate. Maybe next turn Higuin should give it to Kamara and then yell “miss it!” right as he’s about to strike the ball. Worked for my 12 year old, which is about the maturity level happening here. Sheesh.

  5. While some may write this off as immature, petty and irrelevant (with some validity), there also should be a mutual level of respect and unspoken understanding about who takes the penalties or when someone does.

    You don’t really come back from this type of dirty laundry being aired to the media between two teammates. Maybe they get through the season and try to remain professional, but I doubt we’ll see these two playing together next season and beyond unless some serious intervention takes place.

    As KC above said: there’s definitely something deeper going on or at least will be going forward.

    • Sidenote: Columbus striker Kei Kamara – already sitting on two goals, just one away from his first career hat trick

      Call it pride. Call it arrogance. Call it whatever. That would piss me off, too. I side with Kamara on this one – dick move by Higuain.

      • I concur.
        I don’t think higauin HAD to let Kei take it but he was being a dick by not letting him. From where I learned the game it’s similar to FKs, there’s an on-paper player that takes them but if some ones feeling it or whatever then it’s generally honorable to oblige.

      • Oh c’mon fellas…
        Let’s be honest — It’s not like Kamara is some wide-eyed teenager who can be forgiven for missing the point in this collective meltdown performance. If a 31-year old MLS forward is actually worried about something as trivial as his “first career hat trick” he should be properly embarrassed of himself. This is not a “stop the presses” achievement. It’s overdue, at best. And it still is.

        Stop patting yourself on the back because you once got loaned to Norwich City, pal.

  6. Stupid. What is this high school? This is business – a PK is given and the team has its protocol on who takes it. Because you are sitting on a brace doesnt mean anything. Grow up.

    If I am not mistaken, wasnt it Kamara that bullied in on a PK in the playoffs last year and missed?

    I hope there is a deeper rift with these two. Because if it was just this, Kamara just created a huge problem for something stupid.

    • Matt Doyle tweeted out last night, Higuian had zero passes to Kamara last night and just 2 the week before. Kamara also made a point of how few of his goals have really come from Higuian’s passes. So I think the rift has been there awhile.


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