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Leicester City wins Premier League title on Tottenham tie


An ugly, ugly game crowned one of the most remarkable champions in the history of soccer.

Leicester City officially clinched the club’s first title in 132 years on Monday as Tottenham settled for a 2-2 draw with London rivals Chelsea. The result completed a magical run for Leicester, who began the season with 5000-1 odds to win the Premier League title, in the aftermath of a 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Sunday.

Down two goals entering the second half, Chelsea began their comeback in the 58th minute on a goal from Gary Cahill. Spurs’ hopes were then dashed in the 83rd minute as Eden Hazard curled in a magnificent goal to end the title chase.

The game proved to be an emotional one, with several scuffles breaking out throughout the second half. In total 12 yellow cards were handed out, with nine of them being shown to Tottenham players.

Tottenham appeared destined to fight another day in what proved to be a dominant first half. Harry Kane kickstarted the Tottenham run with a finish in the 35th minute before Heung-Min Son doubled the lead just moments before halftime.

Son’s finish would prove to be Tottenham’s last of the title chase as Leicester completed a title run as surprising as any in sports history.

What do you think of Monday’s result? Where does Leicester rank among your all-time sports surprises?

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  1. I was really hoping they would get to clench the title next match at home in front of their supporters. Oh well still remarkable. Now for my Orange County Blues to win the open cup and make it to the CCL final…

  2. A breath of fresh air this Leicester run…full credit to Ranieri for keeping the players grounded. The table doesn’t lie – only 3 losses on the season. Much debate in the media of this being the greatest sports story of all time…it’s up there, no disrespect for Denmark and Greece winning the euros, but those are tournaments and you need 4-5 good performances to win it. In the league, you play 38 games!

  3. As a neutral fan their run was so much fun to follow.
    While I know that there are still battles for top four and relegation, unfortunately Leicester clinching renders the last few weeks a little meaningless (again, as a neutral fan).

      • England has a significant Jamaican population and subculture so it is entirely possible that he grew identifying with that culture first. I’mm not saying that he did, just saying it is entirely possible. Being born and raised in a place isn’t the end all be all. E.g. Christian Vieri was raised in Australia to Italian immigrants but identified with Italian culture.

  4. Great result for the FOXES they held their nerve on Saturday against Man UTD it could have all gone south if they had dropped their heads but with a good back line led by captain Morgan and Huth they steadied got the equaliser and after the first half I thought where the better side the only sour part was the 2nd yellow card to their player now that the league is won the dismissle does not have any affect on the last 2 matches fantastic result for Claudia Renrier and more so for Leacister being their first title in 132 years I hope that a few of their loyal supporters got on when the betting was 5000/1 as of Saturday it had dropped to 1/33 on this is a great result for the EPL ….⚽️⚽️⚽️

    • WSJ had an article today on some of the people who did actually place bets on Leciester at 5000/1. Interesting read.

      • I bet next year there will be a lot of people placing 5 pounds on Crystal Palace, Swansea City, and Newcastle/Sunderland just in case.

  5. Congrats, wonderful story and they’ve been great to watch all season. Unlike in MLS where mediocre teams can have a good month and call themselves “champions”, here the Cinderella really had to earn it by being the best over a full season.

    • yes, the Europeans had playoffs that used to be done this way, and the big clubs lost, so they changed the playoffs so that small clubs don’t win. Efficient system if your an elitist.

      • You think they have playoffs in Europe? You should fact check your own comment. BTW it’s not elitist at all, it’s just the way it’s always been.

      • Playoffs to determine a champion of a regular season, in a sport like soccer, is ridiculous. This isn’t the NFL and MLS should stop trying duplicate something they’ll never be.

      • LOL… a system where everyone plays everyone else and at the end the best team is the champion is elitist?

        I’m ok with playoffs in MLS but the current 12 out of 20 making it is ridiculous. And it doesn’t stop me watching – I’ve been a RBNY season ticket holder for years. But there should be fewer teams in the playoffs and the playoff system should provide greater rewards for regular season success.

  6. For those who didn’t see the game, it got chippy starting pretty early and the referee tried talking to the players instead of showing cards early on. The failure of this approach became apparent as the game went on. Many dangerous challenges. After Chelsea tied it up, Tottenham played disgracefully. They should have had 2 or 3 players sent off. Many times it looked like they were trying to injure their opponents rather than get the ball. I usually like Tottenham, but for the last 15 minutes today they played like classless thugs. And Eden Hazard made a spectacular goal and played like the great player he is.

  7. Wow! Congratulations Leicester I didn’t think it could be done, absolutely game changing. What are the odds on Norwich and Sunderland to win next year?

    • About as likely as a guy who just won the powerball lottery getting struck by lightning twice being brought back from the dead by Melisandre and then being elected president of Antarctica in a runoff election between penguins and polar bears.

      • Especially since polar bears live in the North Pole and could never be elected President of Antarctica.

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