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Report: Hamburg hoping to land Bobby Wood for $3.5 million


Hamburg has reportedly not yet entered negotiations for Bobby Wood, but it has set a transfer amount that it is willing to pay FC Union Berlin.

Hamburg has linked with a move for Wood for several weeks now, and a Monday report from Bild states that the German Bundesliga club is willing to pay approximately $3.5 million for the in-form, 23-year-old forward.

Wood is in the midst of a career season in Germany’s second division, scoring an American record 17 goals for FC Union Berlin to currently sit third in the 2. Bundesliga’s Golden Boot race. Wood has started in all 29 of the matches he has appeared in this campaign.

Hamburg is currently in 11th place in the Bundesliga, five points above the relegation zone heading into the final two games of the season.

Several other clubs are reportedly keen on trying to acquire the U.S. Men’s National Team regular, including Liverpool and Bayer Leverkusen.

What do you think of Hamburg setting its transfer amount for Wood at $3.5 million? Is that enough to beat out the likes of Bayer Leverkusen and Liverpool? Where do you see Wood playing next season?

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      • Price will definitely go up if he does well in the Copa America due to increased demand for his services. Thus the offer before the August transfer madness.

  1. he can do much better than Hamburg, he could go and start in every premier league team and would also be a great replacement if Aubemayang goes from dourtmund.

  2. The value seems reasonable, I would think any Bundesliga squad between 8-17th place would have an interest. I’m not saying the Liverpool rumors aren’t true, but its impossible to tell where in their order is Bobby. They might have interest, but he’s could be their 4th or 5th transfer choice. I don’t think he needs to be in any hurry though.

  3. Good luck to him wherever he goes. Whatever the case, it looks like he will be doing very well financially for a 23 year old.

  4. IMO A reasonable value for his services as he is still fairly untested and this has been his only full season playing at a consistent level. Landing at the right club will be very important….If he makes to big of a jump he may regress due to lack of playing time (Liverpool/Leverkusen)….If he goes to a club with a weak supporting cast he could be starved for service.
    Hope he and whomever is advising him make a good decision and he continues his progression/development as he is turning into a real contributor to the USMNT.

  5. One of the reasons Hamburg is always at the bottom of the table is that they do not spend money. They will probably not get Wood if Liverpool or another team want him for 4 or 5M. While he will do better in the Bundisliga than another Euro League, there are other teams that will spend just more money

  6. Very affordable. Won’t stop a larger club from looking in the couch cushions for more, if they really want to acquire him.

  7. It will be interesting to see what US players are able to show well during the Copa this summer. Wood could solidify interest from the better clubs with a strong showing, as well as others.

    • Agreed… But I bet Altidore is sulking. Looks like the front line will be Morris + Wood if Morris keeps scoring like he is. Dempsey either tucked in behind as 10… or in a 4-3-3… with a nagbe substitution…

      • speaking of which… I like 2 different formations now, and for different reasons:

        Morris, Dempsey, Wood
        FJ, Bradley, pulisic
        Ream, JB, Cameron, Yedlin


        Morris, Wood
        FJ, Dempsey, Pulisic, Yedlin
        Miazga, JB, Cameron.

      • well since Morris has no left foot i really find it hard to see him at LF/LW and Altidore will be starting games so it’s more likely that JMo will be used as a super sub of sorts. And as far as 3 in the back, i like the idea, but Jk has used it once and i’m guessing JK didnt like how it panned out bc we haven’t seen it since and probably will not again.

      • Can you explain why that is FAR too attack minded? in one you have 5 guys who are potential starters on a back line… in the other you also have 5, but one is being (hopefully) mostly relieved of his defending duties. In both formations, I am trying to push the defensive effort into the midfield (3-5-2) from the back-line… or into the front (4-3-3) as opposed to the back line… Now, you might say, add Bedoya and get rid of Pulisic… Ok, fine. but he doesn’t have quite the same attacking bite in a 4-3-3… which means less guys back for the other team… which is defeating the purpose of going to the 4-3-3 in the first place.

        Also, I defy your, its not balanced approach. Soccer was played 2-4-4/2-5-3 and more for much of history. So, yeah, balance is in the eyes of the beholder… Lets start losing 4-3 against top world teams… then you can call it unbalanced… I would still like to watch those games.

        Also, the other thing to remember is that in both of those formations, I have enough midfield support to connect the back-line to the front line…

  8. seems to be a fair evaluation for a player that has no top tier league experience, fairly unknown and already the age of 23. I hope this gets done because i think the Bundesliga is a good developmental league where he’ll get games consistently, continue to develop in the process and he knows the league to boot.

      • I certainly did…look no further than what Dortmund has done with Pulisic. The likes of Muller, Gotze have all come up through their ranks so yeah they to me are good at developing players.

      • Ronniet, I see and understand your logic, but that is generally not what developmental league means, at least colloquially. Bundesliga is generally a destination league that happens to be good at developing players. La Liga is excellent at developing players, but is not a developmental league.

        Developmental leagues are those whose main purpose are to develop prospects/players for another league or higher level. Think Eredivisie or AAA baseball in us baseball. Truth be told, nowadays, it is more or less destination teams rather than leagues, but

      • Ronniet, Bundesliga gets how many champions league slots? They have one of the top 5 teams in the world? Nope, not a development league. In Europe the development leagues are scandinavia, Dutch, Scottish, and maybe, just maybe, Portugal. Then there is 2.Bundesliga or serie B or the championship… Those are all development leagues. Shit Bundesliga makes more money than Serie A… and I will tell you for a fact that Italy isn’t a development league.

      • It’s fair to assume he meant “a good league to develop in” or “a league that develops good players” not “a league that only develops and exports talent to better leagues”.

  9. How much would it cost FC Union Berlin to find another striker that can put in 17+ goals? Doubt you can find anyone for that low ball of an offer. Going price for him is probably at least around $5 Million. Look at what the top scorer in the Serie B is going for …

    • There is a big jump btw Bundesliga 1 & 2. The league is filtered with players who did nothing in 1, but dominated 2 (look at our own Connor Casey). They are probably calculating the risk.

    • Man bobby is flirting with the wrong Hamburg team! St. Pauli is the place for him. If he knew that some HSV fans flirt with Neo-Nazism I’m sure this wouldn’t be the case.

      5 mil euros isn’t a lot to ask for when speaking of a young top goal scoring forward too be honest. I don’t know how many years left Berlin has on contract with Wood, but if he can’t sign somewhere else on a free transfer then I would hold out until i recieved that amount.

      • Yeah..

        Neo-Geo will stop him from signing..

        Perhaps the Yankee fans who’d gut a Met would’ve stop’d Predo..

        Or maybe the Raiders fans who went to SF could’ve influenced Jerry Rice.


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