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Americans Abroad Rewind: Julian Green scores in Bayern’s first friendly, Greg Garza starts in Xolos win

Bayern Munich’s first preseason friendly produced some good news for one of the young forwards in the United States men’s national team talent pool who has failed to gain any momentum since the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Julian Green started and produced the opening goal in Bayern’s 4-3 victory over Lippstadt on Saturday.

The 21-year-old, who was controversially named to the USMNT World Cup squad two years ago, scored the opener and forced an own goal to hand Bayern a four-goal advantage at the time as the German side started its preparation for the Bundesliga season.

Green wasn’t the only USMNT-eligible player to score in a friendly for a European side this weekend as Danny Williams notched a tally for Reading in their match against Saudi Arabian side Al-Taawon. The Championship club won the match 3-1.

Back in North America, a few Americans started their respective Liga MX campaigns on Friday.

Greg Garza, who is one of a few Americans at Club Tijuana, started at left back for Xolos in their 2-0 win over Morelia. Paul Arriola and Michael Orozco were available for selection but did not feature.

The appearance was the first for Garza since August 2015. The 24-year-old lost most of the last year of action to hip surgery.


  1. A match on the 5th day of practice, Bayern doesn’t mess around, looked like Green was out there with the regulars that weren’t involved in the Copa or Euros so at least he rates that high. He had a cross that was put in the net for an own goal as well. Interesting Rubin scores twice against an amateur side and people get excited, Green does it and people bash him. Green getting time being able to show to Ancelotti what he can do has to be a good thing. He is one of 24 players pictured with the first team on their website so take that for what its worth as well. They play Man City on Wednesday so that should be a better barometer of his standing with the team.

    • His standing within the club is as high as Bayern players returning from the Euros? Guys like Coman and Sanches who by the way are younger than Green. Based on what? Wishful thinking?

      You didn’t seem me post excitedly over Rubin scoring in a preseason friendly. To be fair Rubin has already accomplished more in his club career than Green but neither has done enough to get excited about.

      • Read more carefully, Slow. He was among the first eleven of the players available, not that he’s as high as Costa, Sanchez, Coman, Vidal, etc… Of course no US player is either, not even Pulisic.

      • No that’s true but many US players play above fourth-division level. Literally hundreds of them. So not sure why we are still hyping this kid.

  2. Green does look a bit bigger and that’ll bode well for him going forward. I’m not sure what BM plans for him are this year but he needs to be playing regularly if he’s going to reach his full potential obviously, are there reports that he’s looking to get loaned out or is he going to try his hand at BM again?!

    I also think Danny W needs to get out of Reading for jump up to the PL. There were rumors Swansea were interested, does anyone know if Danny is still looking to make the ju p to the top league??

    • The only rumor I’ve seen is the one about a transfer to AC Milan that came out a few months ago.

      Unrelated but positive, Cameron Carters-Vickers started for Tottenham and de la Toure came off the bench for Fulham in their friendly.

  3. Well we know this guy kills it against 5th division competition like the team Bayern were playing here so this doesn’t prove much.

    • Does it feel good feel good for a grown man like yourself to give a young kid or young man trying to make his mark in his career a hard time.

      Keep on winning, winner.

      • You could say that about most comments on this site. In any event, it’s not like I’m saying it to his face so I doubt his feelings are hurt too badly. I guess everyone on this site is supposed to just be a cheerleader for everyone. I don’t agree because these are professionals and grown men we are talking about, not youth players.

    • Pretty much the most predictable comment on the internet from SlowL.A., I am beginning to think maybe he is a bot that has been programmed to issue a critical comment anytime Julian Green is mentioned. In SlowL.A.’s world it would be better if Green didn’t make the bench, didn’t score a goal and didn’t force an own goal.

  4. Green’s goal was a classic poacher’s goal but I’ll take anything that gets him going. He looked a bit more filled out to me. Anyone know if he’s been hitting the gym and put on some muscle? That was one thing that always stood out to me was how easily he seemed to get knocked off the ball. Hopefully he’s gotten stronger.


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