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Hope Solo steps away from Seattle Reign for rest of NWSL season

Aug 12, 2016; Brasilia, Brazil; United States goalkeeper Hope Solo (1) warms up for the game against Sweden during the women's team quarterfinal in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

The bad news just keeps getting worse when it comes to former U.S. Women’s National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo.

Solo tweeted on Tuesday┬áher decision to walk away from her club team, the Seattle Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League. She is no longer listed on the club’s roster on the official team website.

Solo, who is still reeling from the effects of her controversial comments about Olympic finalists Sweden, stated that she believed her actions were in the best interest of both herself and the Reign organization. The news comes on the heels of Solo’s six-month suspension from U.S. Soccer and the termination of her contract with the USWNT due to repeated offenses, with her comments about Sweden just the latest in a long line of issues.

“Coming to terms with the fact that I was fired from the U.S. Women’s National Team after 17 years of service has been devastating.” Solo’s statement reads, “After careful consideration, I have decided to end my season with the Seattle Reign, an organization I love playing for.

“After watching the team’s win against Portland this weekend and seeing Haley Kopmeyer play so well in goal, I truly believe this decision is what’s best for me and for the Reign organization.”

The Seattle Reign currently sit 5th in the NWSL, 12 points behind the leading Washington Spirit.

What do you think of Solo’s decision to leave the Reign? What does her future look like for club and country?

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  1. At least this was news.

    Can’t help but wonder if she’ll make an attempt to come back to the national team after the 6 mos have come and gone. I imagine she will probably be back in club play relatively soon.

  2. Progressive punishment is a common approach to employee discipline. It is likely that when she was punished or admonished for past transgressions she was warned about future behavior bringing harsher consequences. It is similar to a ‘three strikes’ approach in criminal sentencing.

  3. While not the correct thing to say, a six month suspension for speaking the hard truth is very excessive by US Soccer. What she said wasn’t professional, but after losing an important game is such a boring and lame way the outburst makes sense. A 2 game suspension is fair, but this 6-month ban and cancelled contract is ridiculous.

    And don’t come to me with the bull about the US Soccer claiming many factors went into this. You cannot punish someone twice for something. A 6-month ban would have made sense during many of the other things she has done. But you cannot punish her now for US Soccer’s inability to punish her in the past. She served the penalty US Soccer gave her (even though they were super lenient). Trying to make up for those now by punishing something people say all the time in the sports world really shows a lack of leadership and organization in US Soccer and even a double standard.

    For what she said, Solo does not deserve this. For what she has done in the past she surely does, but she should have been punished then for it, not now. US Soccer really looks weak here.

  4. Solo did plenty over the years to make herself persona non grata, but the circumstances of this suspension are just a little bit too convenient for the USSF. Suspensions are warranted for her other offenses, like the van incident and of course the domestic violence charge. She should have been suspended for both of those. This suspension would not be warranted based in the incidental one – what she said was not much different from what beaten favorites say all the time – and it serves to make the USSF look righteous at a time when (1) there are no meaningful games coming up and (2) they are likely looking to the next generation of GKs anyway. They could have just not called her up next time and let her slip out the door.

    • I think the only thing that is “convenient” for them is that she made a public statement that gave them reason to formally begin to distance themselves from her. They couldn’t just let her fade back into the mix, they had to publicly denounce her. Convenient in the sense that they didn’t have to begin the process in a way that might seem unfair to her (punished retroactively).

      Just give it a while to die down, a few years out of the spotlight, and then shell be welcomed back as a hero just in time to be inducted into the USSF hall of fame.

  5. Dollars to doughnuts that she decides to try to get pregnant during her unpaid vacation. She is very upset right now, but she might not want to come back when her US Soccer suspension is over if she has a baby….

  6. Regardless of Hope Solo’s behavior off field – this is a harsh way for the best goalkeeper we have ever had to potentially end their career.

    I sincerely hope that another team picks her up.

  7. A positive decision if she uses her extra time off towards some life-counselling, addiction therapy, & focus on her domestic violence case. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction towards some mature life decisions.

    Of course, if she “plays the victim” and declines to take personal responsibility I’m sure the cycle will only continue and it’ll be a matter of time before she’s in the headlines for criminal behavior.

    • Freedom of speech doesn’t apply, as U.S. Soccer is not a government entity.

      Freedom is speech is also not a freedom from consequence.

      • I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact they think she’s starting to lose it a bit and lost the rest of the lockerroom long ago.

    • Did you not read anything about the suspension? US Soccer EXPLICITLY stated that it had to do with a litany of issues and they had spoken to previous to essentially say cool it. She didn’t and now she’s suspended.

      Second, it really irks me when people who don’t understand freedom of speech try to use it in a response. This is not the government. It is a private employer (albeit a non-profit). They can fire you for anything you say. There is no freedom of the speech protection (unless stated in your contract) if there is no action or employer. She can get fired/suspended for an outburst just like your or my employer can fire me for any outburst.

      She’s 35. She nearing the end of the time for her as USWNT GK. She will be 38/39 at next world cup. The USWNT is long past trying to identify a replacement for her.

    • Even (especially?) when you work for a government entity–I’ve served in the USAF and USFS–there are rules about the kind of things you can say to the media, and how you’re supposed to make complaints and protests, and carry yourself, and a litany of other contractual language that controls and limits your freedom of expression. And you know, it makes a buttload of sense, because there can be consequences and reactions to anything you say or do regardless of if it conforms to a contract.

      Regardless of any of this though. You can’t embarrass your bosses, coworkers, and the nation you represent on a frequent basis, and not expect the camel’s back to break eventually.


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