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MLS Ticker: Keane, Torres, Bedoya and more

RobbieKeaneIreland1-Gibraltar2014 (Getty)

One of the LA Galaxy’s stars is set for an international swansong, while the Seattle Sounders are nearing a major boost to the club’s backline.

Robbie Keane will make his final appearance for the Irish national team next Wednesday in a friendly against Oman. The LA Galaxy forward has earned 145 caps  while scoring a record 67 goals for Ireland. (REPORT)

The Seattle Sounders have officially activated defender Roman Torres from the disabled list, making the defender eligible to return as soon as Wednesday’s clash with the Houston Dynamo. (REPORT)

Alejandro Bedoya’s youth club, Weston FC of Florida, is reportedly seeking a portion of his $1 million transfer fee for his move to the Philadelphia Union. (REPORT)

Columbus Crew manager Gregg Berhalter told reporters that Gaston Sauro was nearing a return and could possibly be available September 3rd\\ against the LA Galaxy. (REPORT)

The New England Revolution are having injury troubles as Jose Goncalves is now listed as questionable after leaving last weekend’s match against the Columbus Crew with a right hamstring strain. (REPORT)

The New York Red Bulls have some positive injury news as manager Jesse Marsch stated that Dax McCarty and Damien Perrinelle could be available this weekend against the New England Revolution (REPORT)

Houston Dynamo Managing Partner Gabriel Brener had a message for fans during a tumultuous first season of ownership (REPORT)

How will the Sounders benefit from Torres’ return? What about Sauro for the Crew?

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  1. Yedlin’s transfer fee is $6.6 million vs. Bedoya’s $1 million. So, is Yedlin that much better? I’m not arguing one way or another, but it shows how crazy a system it sometimes seems to be where value and price often seem unconnected.

    • Yedlin is 6 years younger and seeing consistent intl’ playing time. At Yedlin’s age, Bedoya was playing in Sweden. Yedlin was starting and excelling at Sunderland last year. Yedlin has shown capable of playing at that level, Bedoya has shown the French league to be his ceiling before moving back to the US.

      I think Bedoya could have thrived at a mid-level EPL side, but the option wasn’t provided. Is there that large of a gap between the players?? No, I think Bedoya wanted to come home and the offer wasn’t going to get any better. Newcastle sees the talent in Yedlin and have zero intent in languishing in Championship more than one season.

    • There are a number of things that come into play when discussing the purchase of a player….
      1) Quality of the player….
      2) Time left on players current contract….
      3) Age of the player….
      4) Duration of the contract being signed under….
      Yedlin being younger and having more years left on his previous contract warrants a higher asking price even if you believe they are of equal quality as players.

  2. US youth clubs double dipping here? They already got their money when the parents paid them ($$$$ these days) for club soccer.

    • But if clubs received compensation for their players that go pro they wouldn’t have to have a pay to play system as their expenses would be covered by said compensation. That money could be used to fund the club and unearth the next Alejandro Bedoya without the kid’s parents spending thousands of dollars a year.

      • Do yo suspect that would be the case?? I feel that most clubs would pocket the money and still charge. Some may offer scholarships, but that’s beside the point. The vast majority of clubs require their players to pay to play. Most competitive clubs around here (indy) are $2,000 a year or more. For example:

        Perry Kitchen played for F.C. Pride in Indianapolis as a youth. If you are to play both seasons (spring and fall) for them, you are paying above 2K a year. Do they deserve to earn any transfer funds moving forward?? I don’t believe so. What’s different between our youth clubs and nearly every club around the world is that the players do not have to pay to play. They are funded by the club (usually through a professional club’s academy), not out of the parent’s pocket.

        If the youth clubs changed their practice, I would agree they deserve money as they developed them of their own costs. But current practices, I feel they earn enough

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