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Report: Stoke City makes €20 million bid for Christian Pulisic


There appears to be a new contender in the Christian Pulisic sweepstakes, as an England Premier League side has reportedly offered a large sup for the 17-year-old star.

German outlet Bild reported Thursday that Stoke City have submitted a bid of €20 million for the young American winger. The Premier League side reportedly joins the likes of RB Leipzig and CSKA Moscow in pursuit of the 17-year-old Pennsylvania native. However, the Pulisic reports come despite his father’s statements that he had no interest in leaving Borussia Dortmund this summer.

The reported fee would make Pulisic the most valued and expensive American player ever by a large margin, eclipsing Jozy Altidore’s $13 million move from AZ to Sunderland.

Pulisic was left out of Dortmund’s German SuperCup squad, but saw action in the team’s final friendly on Wednesday afternoon as he recorded a goal against German third division side Hallescher FC. Dortmund open their season this Saturday with a match against FC Mainz 05, and it remains to be seen how much time Pulisic will earn with the German giants this season.

What do you think of the latest Pulisic news? Would a move to the Premier League suit the young American, or should he stick it out at Dortmund and battle for playing time?

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  1. If you are Dortmund, I dont know why you would not make this happen. Especially if there is a sell on clause in his contract. He has an upside, yes, but he has very little first team experience. That is a alot of money no matter the situation, especially for a player that is pretty much a prospect at this point.

  2. DAMN! I am actually proud to see an American getting some respect transfer wise.

    But, I am not sure Stoke will be the proper club to develop Pulisic into World Class.

    • Shhhhhh.

      Quite clearly they’re not sure he’s American yet. That’ll knock off 50% of his transfer fee should they discover it.

  3. Let’s not forget about all the work visa mumbo jumbo Stoke would have to go through. Unless of course he has a Croatian passport via his grandfather.

  4. A loan would be better right now, all ready at a huge club and at 17 is in the first team. Hopefully another year of development will let him start on a weekly basis and if not then move on where he can play regularly, he is 17 so not really worried

  5. Please!
    Stoke won’t ever spend 20 mill (euro at that) on an unproven teenager. They just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a maybe. Whoever made up this rumor should’ve picked a more believable team… but this being such a gullible group I guess it just doesn’t matter.

    • It truly is a massive sum for a young American. I think you make a valid point; Stoke usually does not spend this kind of money. If it is true, however, I don’t see how either Dortmund or Pulisic could turn it down. Mark Hughes is a good coach who has shown a bit of an affinity for Americans (he tried to get Aguedelo), so it wouldn’t be a bad destination for Pulisic. If he does well at Stoke, he could go to a big club in his early 20’s and Stoke could make a small fortune.

    • well they recently purchased Joe Allen for slightly less from Liverpool. EPL clubs top to bottom are swimming in cash thanks to global tv deals. In order to stay in the EPL they have to spend like crazy and Hughes certainly has been given the approval to build a less traditional/bunker Stoke team with players like Sobhi (19 year old Egyptian winger), Krikic and Shaqiri and Arnautovic. sounds like a great fit for Pulisic and he would be the highest transfer value on the team – hopefully implying that they intend on building around him.

      if he was 25 years old I would all about this move but I still like him staying at Dortmund and earning his time behind some of the best wingers in the world. Either way not a bad place to be.

    • Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you. However, is reporting it as well as bleacherreport and some other outlets. You’d think someone would’ve done their homework by now?

    • I also think the offer is BS. No way Stoke spends that kind of money on a unproven top level player. Now if it was Man City, Man Utd, or Chelsea then we have a story here but this figure doesn’t make sense.

      Dortmund should take the money and run if this is true. No way you turn down 20 Million (Pounds or USD) for a 17 year old. The other fantastic player (19 y.o.) Dortmund just bought, Emre Mor, was only 7 Million Euros, and Pulisic is 3x cost of More? That’s why its BS.

  6. I paused for a moment when looking at that transfer fee. Wow.

    Personally, I’d love to see Pulisic play & train with the likes of a Xherdan Shaqiri – someone of similar stature (though Shaqiri is stockier), potentially similar play style and flair.

    • Typically pounds would be used reporting moves within England or specifically from English media. Deals done between England and the continent are almost always (pre Brexit anyway) reported in Euros since that is the actual exchange currency unless the reporting news outlet is a UK outlet. Euros in this case is used since Bild is a German outlet. Converts to about 16 or 17 million pound if I’m up on my exchange rate.

  7. It’s a lot of money. Hope BVB don’t cash out. CP22 is in the the place right now for his development. Much prefer him where he is–in a great team with one of the best young coaches around.

    • So many comments like this one on SBI and I personally don’t get it. Why do some of you think that being at Dortmund and likely consistently on the bench or playing on a reserve squad would be “better for his development” than playing first team ball consistently at another team in a top league? Playing first-team ball in a top league will always be better for development. Admittedly I am assuming Pulisic would be a starter at his new club which isn’t a guarantee but at that price tag it is a good assumption. Many people forget that Dortmund is now a buying club, only becoming sellers in comparison to the four or five ultra rich clubs like the Bayern Munich’s of the world. I say that to show that this reputation of super-developers or whatever might be slightly overblown. I suspect that many of the fans here are just enamored with having an American-Abroad at a top club. Reminds me of Mexican fans when Gio was at Barcelona but hardly played. I would be all for Pulisic staying at Dortmund but after all the top players Dortmund brought in this summer it looks like Pulisic won’t play much and needs a move.

      • The development of a player is based more on the environment around him than just playing. I’d argue that the environment around Dortmund is much better than that around Stoke. Dortmund have a track record of developing good players, something Stoke does not. Sometimes training with the first team and paying for the reserves is better than playing with the pressure of being a high priced recruit.

  8. If I’m Dortmund… Yes I’m sure they like Pulisic and have plans for him in the future not now at only 17 still, but this is a massive offer if true for a player with very little first team experience and a still uncertain future. If I were Dortmund I’d make sure there was a hefty sell-on fee to get as much of the next transfer fee as possible and make the deal. Its too much money if true for a player who may or may not work out. BTW, I think Pulisic is very good and if he gets the right situation which Dortmund very much are for him with current manager than after a few years playing Bundesliga and a good showing at 2018 WC we could see him making a very large move, but that’s all uncertain of course and financially it may be better for Dortmund to take the cash now as long as they negotiate a sizeable sell-on clause.

    • No way I’d make that deal if you’re Stoke. You’re already WAY overpaying for a player that’s proven very little on the big stage. They’re banking on the hopes that he performs well and they’d be able to make it up and then some down the road. Doubt they’d say, yeah I’ll pay 10 Mil Euros extra then he’s worth AND give you 20% of the sell on…

      • I agree. I think Stoke are out of their minds already if this offer is true which it likely isn’t. But if they are this desperate and if you’re Dortmund and don’t really want to sell Pulsic anyway you can ask for whatever you want. Dortmund don’t need to money obviously so they have all the leverage in this negotiation. Its highly likely this is all hot air however.

      • There may not be much truth to this offer but if it is who are any of us to say how highly rated CP is to a lot of European clubs?! None of us are scouts (not to my knowledge) but I think we can agree that most teams that pay outrageous fees for younger players are about potential. Renato Sanchez, Martin Odegaard and the like have warranted higher transfer fees than what Stoke are offering so let’s not act like this is some anomaly. Pulisic is making things happen everytime he steps on the pitch and believe me teams are watching, not to mention he’s a full international and is coming off of a Copa America where he also showed well albeit in limited minutes. Me personally, wouldn’t want him to go to England right now but it also wouldn’t be the worst move, again, if this true!

      • All the EPL teams will receive an outrageous amount of money this season from TV rights, and teams like Stoke who could never get a Pogba, look for value additions. A Dortmund player is a good player, a starting or even a roster player is better, a young player starting in a big club such as Dortmund will make managers sit up and take notice. A 17 year old player playing on the roster and getting significant minutes and even starting important games, is a player who you can only get with a big bold statement (like 20M euros), before everybody else gets wise.

    • Gotta agree with MLS Snob. 20 million is hardly a cut-rate price, and if I’m Stoke there’s no way I’m giving up any of my future upside in addition to this.

  9. Somebody at Stoke City sure seems to like Americans. Good for them.

    I doubt Pulisic moves there, but it’s nice to see.

    • Well, yes and no. I do not think Dortmond will sell, they may loan, but no sell.

      The reason he is getting offers was the rumor attributed to his “entourage” that he was “unhappy” with his playing time. EVERY player not playing regularly want more playing time. But because of his age and talent, the fact he might be available circulated fast and got us here today speculating.

      But why now? Because his contract is up in 2018 and the time to negotiate and sign a new one is 2016/2017 if you want to keep him, or, even sell him. The amount of interest you get for him also sets his new contract salary and transfer fee or buyout fee. It was in Pulisics (and his agent) best interest to test the water, even at 17. Circuklate a rumour and see what bites.

      They did.

      If BD loan him, it will take him out of their sphere of coaching and teaching, which is not what they want. but If he demands it, they would, although he would be sold sooner than later.

      I do think BD will not sell him. The Stoke, Liepzig (and other) interest has set a floor for his services for a contract beyond 2018.

      It is a high floor for a 17 year old and I hope he doesn’t fall off it.

      • Maybe it was a confusing metaphor, but a floor does not have to be the bottom, you have “floors” in buildings that may number in the hundreds, my point being lets hope he gets to a “floor” where he is successful and doesn’t fall (fail)

    • Yes because when people ask about successful Americans in Europe the immediately think of Jozy Altidore. All that Dutch league glory aside he’s pretty much a joke in England.

      • DLOA, it says Jozy was (and still is) incredibly over rated! and guys like McBride, Max-Moore, Harkes, Dempsey, etc. were underrated! Jozy is really good at a certain level (mls, eriedivise, concacaf) but completely useless when it comes to “the big leagues”

        transfer money isn’t a direct correlation with quality, but Pulisic looks like he could be the American to blow up all kinds of records – we will see. .

      • I think Jozy got that attention because of his age (17, at the time) style of play, physical attributes and performance at such a young age. Check, check and check for Pulisic.

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