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Drogba to remain with Impact after meeting with club officials



The Montreal Impact and Didier Drogba have apparently reconciled their differences, and a partnership that looked like it was heading toward a messy divorce appears to have been salvaged, for now.

Just two days after Drogba skipped Montreal’s derby clash with Toronto FC because he was unhappy with being benched, the Impact and Drogba have reached an agreement that will keep the Ivorian star with the Impact.

“We met with Didier. The situation has been resolved to the club’s satisfaction,” Impact president Joey Saputo said on Tuesday, “Didier has accepted to assume the role that the head coach sees fit while contributing to the success of this club moving forward. When he came to Montreal, Didier said he came here to win, and he still has the same objective.”

According to Impact coach Mauro Biello, Drogba rebelled against his decision to remove Drogba from the starting lineup for Sunday’s key Eastern Conference clash. Drogba responded to the benching by demanding to be taken off the matchday roster entirely, which he was.

The Impact secured a 2-2 draw against Toronto FC without their star and booked their place in the playoffs. After Sunday’s match, Biello made it clear he wanted Drogba to remain a part of the team, and now it appears as though his wish has been granted.

“Our main priority now is to focus on the last game of the season and the upcoming playoffs. With the players and the leadership that we have on this team, we are convinced that we can make a run at the MLS Cup.”

Drogba has not made a statement on the issue, but celebrated the team’s playoff spot on twitter after the match.

What do you think of this development? See the Impact making a run at the MLS Cup title with Drogba coming off the bench? Think we’ve seen the last of Drogba drama?

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  1. What happens when a player decides not to show for games? Do they still get paid? What is MLS’s policy? I apologize for my ignorance on the issue.

    • Good question, but I’m sure it depends on the circumstance, player and club.

      Also likely depends on whether or not the player traded for an allocation spot in the waiver pool for a day off in the super draft of paid vacations pending re-entry time for all players.

  2. “…the Impact and Drogba have reached an agreement that will keep the Ivorian star with the Impact.”

    I guess the 3 million dollar contract he signed was not enough of an “agreement” to make him show up for games.

    • Seriously. Agreement? Give me a break.

      I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the following statement instead: “Didier has accepted to assume the role that the of head coach sees fit while contributing to the success of this club moving forward.”

    • devils advocate: players in other sports hold out (usually before the season starts) too when they have disagreements (usually contract-related) so it’s not just that MLS is a joke. bigger picture: us sports allow this

      • Not usually while they’re under contract.

        Most often when players hold out (for instance – because that’s what Garber wants to be) in the NFL, they have a “tender” on the table they’re refusing to sign that’s a 1-year deal in favor of a long-term contract. Often in this circumstance they don’t report for “off-season conditioning” (that is optional) & in some cases don’t play in any pre-season games. Every now and again it may go farther than not, but it’s rare. Again, they are not technically under contract.

        If, in the rare circumstances, a player does hold out while under contract they are fined to oblivion AND lose out on their weekly checks and can even forfeit guaranteed money for not honoring the contract.

        To this point, there’s been no evidence of any fine for Drogba. Perhaps this “agreement” may have involved that? We can only speculate, but it doesn’t appear so. Drogba has held the team captive at times to his mercy…while still under contract. Alex, below, poses this same question too about the absence of any repercussion.

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