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Report: Roma interested in January move for Timmy Chandler

Timmy Chandler Eintracht Frankfurt 34

Timmy Chandler has been one of Eintracht Frankfurt’s best players this season. His recent resurgence was enough to capture the attention of Jurgen Klinsmann and the U.S. Men’s National Team while also reportedly drawing interest from a  major European club.

According to German outlet Bild, Roma is currently following “performances by Chandler with interest”. The Italian club reportedly believes they could acquire Chandler in January for a relatively small transfer fee due to Chandler’s current contract, which is set to expire in the summer.

“I am very happy for him and it will certainly give him self-confidence,” said Eintracht Frankfurt head coach Niko Kovac. “He has also worked hard for other clubs to pay attention to him.What’s in the winter, you can not say now, but it’s nice when an Eintracht player earns interest for good performance. ”

Chandler, who added that he feels “comfortable” in Frankfurt, recently joined the USMNT for a 2-0 friendly win over Cuba. On the club level, the fullback has made seven appearances for Frankfurt this season, most recently providing an assist on the equalizing goal of a 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich.


  1. hoping that Chandler is the one that will push Fabian Johnson (or Yedlin) up into the midfield.

    hoping to see this vs. Mexico

    —————-Sasha K.——————-

    • Chandler needs to be played on the right. He can play on the left but loses his effectiveness. His left foot isn’t as good as his right.

      • Totally agreed, Chandler is pretty reliant on his right foot to cross and occasionally shoot (like in the Gold Cup vs Cuba). Move Yedlin there, who’s right foot is almost like his left food.

    • As much as most of us would like to have Fabian in midfield….the fact of the matter is he’s our best wide defender and we’re going to need a strong defense in the November Qualifiers.

      Bedoya is a serviceable RM who’s high work rate will still be needed until Gooch, Arriola, or Zardes (when he’s recovered) gain the experience & consistency needed to unseat him. Bedoya will b overtaken….but it’s not likely to happen before November.

      By mid 2017 I think we’ll see something along the following:


      I’d prefer to see Nagbe over Kljestan personally, but it’s an ongoing discussion. Bedoya could also slot into this spot. Chandler could overtake Yedlin….but JK seems to like Yedlin more.

      Subs: Zardes for Gooch/Pulisic for more speed against tired legs.
      Morris for Wood/Jozy to attack tired defenders
      Bedoya/Williams as a late game defensive subs if we’re protecting a lead.

      • I think if form stays roughly where it is and major injuries are avoided your lineup for next June seems about right. I am still not sure if Gooch will get enough time both at club and with USMNT to earn that starting spot. Moyes has talked about slowing him down and we know JK’s slow approach.

        I don’t think its even a discussion between Nagbe and Kljestan at this point. Nagbe has had a pretty bad season and doesn’t play this position for his club. Meanwhile Kljestan is leading MLS in assists over the last two seasons since his return.

        If you want to go a more youthful player in the CAM spot I would rather slot Pulisic or Gooch in there and use Zardes or potentially Manneh or Gatt on the wing.

  2. Chandler is a better defender for sure and the player i want starting in a game that counts. Yedlin can play up the field more just because he’s more athletic, but he has no technical ability and his crosses are less than what i would call pinpoint. Mostly they’re blindly crossed into the box and sometimes it works out.

    Basically Yedlin doesn’t do enough to earn a starting spot in my mind over Chandler, but with a different coach and team mentalitiy i completely understand why he gets the nod over Chandler

    • Yedlin has offered and still offers more for the USMN than Chandler has. I’m not saying Chandler is the weaker player, simply mentioning he doesn’t show up to play at the international level.

      Chandler can be serviceable, as we have seen it before, but there are certainly more forgettable performances. With the up coming quals, I’m all for bringing Chandler into the game day 18, but Yedlin starts over him IMO

    • I think Yedlin has improved tremendously on defense since going to Europe, but what separates the two in my eyes is passion and desire. You can see the drive in Yedlin’s play, but I’ve never seen that in Chandler who often appears to be just going through the motions.

      • i agree, Yedlin definitely looks like he cares when he’s out there and is far more active. I think we saw last weekend against Bayern what JK saw in training last camp and why he tried out Yedlin in the front three to see if he and Chandler could work well together on that side. I personally don’t like the idea but I think that’s were JK was going with that. Both players seem to have the occasional defensive lapse though but I think Yedlin’s speed makes up for that occasional defensive error better than Chandler’s. Either way competition is good. It forces players to make positive club moves and move up the club ladder also.

      • Adam, seriously? How did you know?

        But really though, why am I getting the ‘Abby’ treatment for pointing out that Yedlin is clearly faster than Chandler and this allows him to cover his defensive mistakes better?

      • But really though, why am I getting the ‘Abby’ treatment for pointing out that Yedlin is clearly faster than Chandler and this allows him to cover his defensive mistakes better?

        I think it may have been intended for me, Joe, because your statement couldn’t be mistaken for that. Mine, on the other hand, definitely could (even though that was never the intent).

      • Yes, Yedlin has improved since he’s moved to England. However his latest outings with the US haven’t been stellar. Call it rust due to lack of playing time, lack of familiarity with his teammates during the October friendlies, or what have you….Yedlin hasn’t been as sharp as I’d like. His speed has enabled him to cover for most of his mistakes, but his rash challenges makes him a liability at times.
        Chandler on the other hand has been seeing consistent minutes so far this season, and his play has been excellent on the club level. His play with the national team during the recent friendlies were also positive (even if the opposition was weak). This should put him into contention for the starting RB spot.

        At the end of the day we need the best RB we can field in November. I don’t care if it’s Yedlin or Chandler. Whoever it is needs to be in good form and ready to fight for the full 90 minutes.

        I don’t like Yedlin as a RM/RW even though he can play there. With Bedoya we’ve got a decent veteran to mentor our quality younger options (Gooch, Arriola, & Zardes [when he returns to health]). These players have greater technical ability and are better suited to the position.

  3. This is what JK wants most… competition… now chandler is pushing for Yedlin’s spot… [Mr. Burns voice] eeexcelllenttt…

    • Also I’d like to throw lichaj in that right back competition, playing well at forest, also rosenberry will get a look in january, see what he’s about


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