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Report: Fire offer Schweinsteiger a 3-year deal

Bastian Schweinsteiger

The Chicago Fire are reportedly in play for German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger.

According to, the Manchester United man has been offered a three-year deal with an annual salary of $5.5 million.

Fire head coach Veljko Paunovic reportedly met with Schweinsteiger earlier in November and is keen to sign the German before preseason begins in January.

Schweinsteiger, 32, has not earned a single appearance in the Premier League this season after he was frozen out of the squad by United manager Jose Mourinho.

The World Cup winner previously played for Bayern Munich, where he won the Champions League in 2013 and eight Bundesliga titles.


  1. Does MLS subsidize the transfer fee and his salary? Chicago is a huge dormant market and MLS needs a good team there. However, is Schweinsteiger worth the investment and have enough game to improve the doormat Fire?

    • I can’t even keep track anymore. One thing we haven’t heard confirmation yet on is the nonsensical “Discovery Rights” and who possesses them within the league for Schweinsteiger.

      If you’ll recall, the Chicago Fire had the “rights” to Drogba and he refused to sign with them, leading to Montreal being forced to provide compensation to the Fire for a player they never owned, “discovered” despite being a well-known commodity and the player wanting no business with signing with the club.

      The more layers you peel back you’re reminded how much of a joke this league can be.

    • Chicago’s problem is its stadium. I’ve been and it was a terrible experience. So I think dormant may be the wrong word. I would use disinterested.

    • It’s the league who is actually buying the player so they cover the transfer fees and misc. costs. The club is only responsible for covering their salary.

      At least, it was this way a couple years ago.

  2. Let wait and see what he will bring to Fire, I foresee same “sh…” like Gerrard and Lampard. Good luck Fire, you will go nowhere

    • Forgot mentioned USSoccer wasted money on JK, same as Fire on Veljko Paunovic. He now tries to spend money for following Chivas USA. Fire’s fan please think twice prior buying ticket next season.

  3. I’d love to see this. Schweiny has at least 1-2 good years left and could boss the midfield with a good partner or two. I see this as getting Gerrard or Lampard a few years earlier.

    • To the Fire, though? I feel like they have deeper issues to address before Schweinsteiger could really be a difference maker. If I were them, I’d focus this money elsewhere. Bringing in two DP’s at half that price, if well scouted and vetted, would probably be more beneficial. That said, I agree that Bastian could be great in this league for a couple of years, I’m just not sure it’d be enough to move the needle very much for a team with so many current disfunctions.

      • Bringing in two DP’s at half that price, if well scouted and vetted, would probably be more beneficial.

        Signing a re-tread DP is a lot easier than hiring a capable scouting department. The Fire might be the worst operated sports team, in the entire sporting landscape, and every thing they do is second rate.

        I’ve said it for years: They need to be axed like Chivas USA and reassembled/repackaged. It’s, quite literally, a dumpster fire in Bridgeview.

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