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USMNT’s Jones warns Mexico’s ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to stop complaining

Photo by David Richard/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by David Richard/USA TODAY Sports

If Jermaine Jones catches Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez complaining to referees in the U.S. Men’s National Team’s match versus Mexico, he will speak up.

Speaking to Univision ahead of Friday’s pivotal qualifier, Jones warned Hernandez that he needs to stop complaining to officials, which is something they spoke about during last year’s CONCACAF Cup.

“He’s always talking, like ‘referee here, referee here!’,” Jones said, “and I told him, I said — You can see I pull him right here and I said: ‘Small boy, come here: We have to talk.’ “And I told him: ‘Stop always explaining.’ But I think after the game was everything cool,”

After a three-month absence, Jones is slated to return to the USMNT against Mexico, which should be a feisty affair no matter what. These comments will surely add more intensity to an already fierce rivalry.

Jones, 35, has started five times against Mexico in his international career.


  1. Jones should stfu, he’s only playing for USA because Germany didn’t want him, which was his first choice, and Chicharito has had a helluva more successful career than he has

    • do some research before making a stupid post, he actually played for the German NT several times. He’s an american at heart just like the rest of the boys with German ties, if you don’t understand that then you’re being willfully ignorant!

  2. Can someone who is known throughout the world as the “Little Pea” really be too offended if another player calls him a little(small) boy?

    • Hey Rob racist piece of crap, why don’t you drink bleach. You think because Trump won, you can be a racist piece of crap? For someone who is not really American why did e get a USA flag tattooed on him. Why is he able to Rep the United States and did not get a violation like Bolivia did for fielding a player not a citizen. Also he lives in the States, so shut your ignorant tail up.

      • FIFA says no to racism. Trump and his supporters say yes to racism. I wonder if this will keep us from getting the WC in the future?

      • Gary did you see my post that Jack McBean went 90 minutes for Coventry’s 1st team on Wednesday in a cup match.

        And Mike he was a Bolivian citizen according to their laws, just wasn’t by FIFA’s definition.

      • I am not sure which types of people are bigger dumbasses: People who put effort into trying to “troll” a comment section by saying offensive crap, or people like yourself who evidently don’t have the cognitive capacity to separate a guy being a jerk off on his computer from real Americans who love their country and work hard but don’t happen to vote exactly the way that you want them to.

        GTFO with your ignorant, close minded BS, dude.

      • Funny how in your perspective a clearly racist comment is just a “troll”. Also, if you haven’t already noticed an uptick in racist comments online since Tuesday’s results then you are living in a bubble. People seem to think that just because Trump got elected common decency has gone out the window and they can act like maniacs. Trump’s own rhetoric about political correctness is what has made these people feel comfortable being more offensive. Regardless of what his other policies are, and I’ll wait and hold judgement until I start seeing the outcomes, Trump’s election as given these a-holes a forum to spew hate.

    • why do people feel the need to bring politics into a soccer blog? Rob is clearly an El Tri fan who routinely trolls SBI and, apparently, has now reached a new low by slinging racist comments.

      But I don’t get why you don’t just stick to calling him out on his racism instead of airing out your political frustrations. Surely there’s a better place for that than an article about JJ trying to get in Chicharito’s head before the big game…

      This website just keeps sinking lower and lower and further away from actual meaningful soccer conversations. Sad.

    • keep being an internet warrior, it’s the only space that allows the likes of you and others like you to rant laced with bigotry and racism. Coward, is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about your comment(and yes i am black).

    • Assuming you’ve watched more than a handful of his matches “making something out of nothing” is the epitome of Hernandez’ game (and quite frankly the rest of the Mexican team). Especially against the US.

      He didn’t provide bulletin board material, but rather called them out for their routine nonsense and whining. To that, he’s absolutely correct in his assessment.


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