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Dom Dwyer secures U.S. citizenship

Dom Dwyer has made no secret of his desire to one day play for the U.S. Men’s National Team. He has cleared a major hurdle toward making that dream a reality.

Dwyer has secured his U.S. citizenship on Thursday, moving him a step closer to becoming eligible to play for the USMNT. The 26-year-old striker, and husband of U.S. Women’s National Team striker Sydney LeRoux, stated in January that he would like to represent the United States. On Thursday, Dwyer was focused on the importance of being a citizen, and he expressed gratitude at the country he has called his new home.

“I am extremely happy to have completed the process of becoming a U.S. citizen,” Dwyer said. “This country has given me a lot over the past eight years, and I look forward to giving back as much as possible. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey, most importantly my family and my club. This was a very meaningful day for me, and I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life as a U.S. citizen.”

Dwyer was born and raised in England before he moved to the United States when he was eighteen years old. He has lived in this United States for the past eight years, including the past six years playing with Sporting Kansas City. He has won an MLS Cup and two U.S. Open Cup titles with Sporting KC, scoring 52 regular season goals during that time.

Dwyer will still need to clear some hurdles with FIFA to become eligible to play for the USMNT, but if that is taken care of in the coming months, Dwyer could be an option for Bruce Arena this summer. There is plenty of competition at the forward position, but Dwyer has shown himself to be one of the better forwards in MLS over the past five seasons, and could definitely play his way into a national team role.


  1. I think he adds an option. Just speaking personally I dunno if he’s as good as a Bobby Wood but he’s similar – relentless, quick, aggressive, and will harry and lay out and harass and chase all day long – and I like him. He’s a live wire and while nobody will confuse him with Lionel Messi I also think he could do a credible job if pressed into service simply because the dude will fight every second he’s out there and there’s no quit in him.

    I like the guy and while I doubt he’s our star striker of the future he certainly looks capable of contributing if called upon.

  2. Who cares? Are we THAT bad that we get excited over a decent MLS-caliber striker?
    This isn’t an argument over dual-nationals; I’m just appalled that we are excited over this.

  3. Congrats to Dom! That being said, at 26, I don’t see how much he really adds to the current US striker pool: Altidore (27), Wood (24), Morris (22), Dempsey (34), Jóhannsson (26), Zardes (25), Boyd (26) then of course Wondo (34) and Agudelo (24). Not to mention the young guys (18-22) coming through. He is B-team at best, but I am of the opinion that should reserved for up and comers as well as those coming back to the team. I would think he is really fighting for Altidore, Wood, Morris, Jóhannsson, Zardes, and Boyd for the 3 forward spots at the next work cup (next year).

    • Because he plays here in the States and never participated in a national team setting he’s got that ol’ “American longevity” to his career that likely means he’ll have a few added years to his career that most elite players abroad don’t enjoy because of the milage they incur on their legs at a young age.

      I could see him being a solid candidate to contribute for the next 4 years, which, is fairly common to see a batch of different names every cycle mixed in with the usual suspects.

      • “ol’ “American longevity”” That thing you see in other sports comes from (1) taking better care of yourself (which is done in other leagues as well), (2) reduced tear from reduced games (one benefit for Dom) and (3) HGH etc (sometimes).

        He will be 28 during Russia’ 18 and 32 during Qatar ’22. I like Dom a lot. However, if he is in the mix or serious rotation for either World Cup, it would mean that we are in big trouble.

        I watch about 1 maybe 2 MLS games a week. SKC is not my team, but I occasionally watch them. I could be wrong, but Dom is 9 or 9 1/2 (not really a 10) nor is he a wing-forward. In a typical 23-man squad, you carry 3 forwards and couple wing forwards who can play midfield or forward a la Zardes/Morris or young Dempsey. Again, I like Dom quite a bit, but he shouldn’t crack the top 6 is everyone is healthy now nor should in the future (unless our prospects aren’t coming through — which would be horrible). Think about it, you only really need 3 of Altidore, Wood, Morris, Dempsey, Jóhannsson, Zardes or Boyd (throw in Agudelo is his ever gets consistent). He adds depth, but he should not see any time in qualification. In B games, we have enough 18 -22 yr olds that THEY should be getting runs then.

    • “Overcrowded” with a bunch of injury plagued underachievers that fail to usurp any relevant minutes away from Altidore and nowhere near the level of Wood the past 24 months.

      Of course, competition is welcomed but there’s very little at this position. Hopefully his addition to the pool adds some, because our national team is sorely needing someone else to step up behind the two regulars.

      • “bunch of injury plagued underachievers”…..well, if you didn’t get the memo the US is fresh out of Diego Costa, Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane, Luis Suarez, Arjen Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.if they are underachievers then the bad new is thats all we have. Apart from Bobby wood everyone is kinda on the same level fighting for the same spot

      • While I wouldn’t call the forward pool “over crowed”, I aslo wouldn’t say that the cupboard is empty. Love them or hate them there are more options at the striker positions now than at any other time in US History. Just look back to the 2010 WC after Davis injury when BB was scrambling to find someone to partner with Jozy. Now look at the options we’re debating for inclusion in the team….

        1) Jozy – 27, 2) Wood – 25, 3) Morris – 22, 4) Dempsey – 33, 5) Zardes – 25, 6) ArJo – 26
        7) Boyd – 26, 8) Agudelo – 24, 9) Rubin – 20, 10) Green – 21, 11) Arriola – 22, 12) Manneh – 22

        than all the young guns working their way up the food chain at their Clubs (Wright, Perez, Akale, Weah, Lennon, etc….)

      • I took your terminology to imply there’s some type of abundance of anything tangible or excuse for competition – which there’s not.

        No one implied we’re are or should be spoiled with world class talent/depth. What we are is sorely lacking anything credible behind Altidore/Wood and that has been the case for far too long. Too many people have rose-tinted glasses when it comes to the usual names thrown out there that are apparently “depth” while ignoring the multitude of warts they bring, i.e. routinely injured, routinely not playing, routinely out of form, routinely under performs when called up, etc, etc.

        There’s nothing overcrowded about that position other than an overabundance of disappointment and false reality that we have depth. Thank goodness for Wood, because we can barely rely on Altidore to remain healthy as it is.

      • @LostInSpace

        Of that list you provided, only Morris offers any glimmer of hope. We’re shining turds until someone proves otherwise, and they’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so. I love Dempsey but our reliance on him, at this point, is a huge red flag.

      • Old School – Not trying to claim that the players I mentioned are world beaters, but they are still better overall quality options than we’ve previously had.
        Zardes – 31 caps w/ 6 goals. Versatile enough to play as a winger or a striker. Touch may not be great, but he does make good runs off the ball, is a threat in the air, and will pressure defenders. Can also play physically, which is needed when playing against CONCACAF teams…especially when on the road. Still young enough to continue to develop.
        Green – 7 caps w/ 3 goals. Another player who is versatile, brings the ability to take defeners 1 vs 1, and gives us another skilled player. Now getting more consistent PT at the club level, so look for him to raise his standing over the next 6 months. Just now entering the point in his career where he’ll be expected to produce.
        Arriola – 3 caps w/ 2 goals. Can play winger or forward. a young poacher who is technical and willing to take chances. Having a very promising season in Liga MX. Like Green not a finished product, but has the tools to succeed and deserves consideration.

        When it comes down to it we’re talking about our 3rd or 4th option at striker…and all the options I mentioned, IMO, are drastic improvements over Finley or Buddel who were our # 2 & 3 strikers in the WC in 2010. Or our 4th striker (Wondo) in 2014.

      • Green, Arriola, and Manneh are wingers in a 4-3-3. I’d love Dwyer to be able to provide competition, but right now the pecking order at striker is clear outside of Dempsey’s confused (and fading) status:

        1) Wood
        2) Altidore
        3) Morris

        And to be honest, I don’t see that changing anytime too soon at this point, with the best chances of someone breaking in during the near future is Haji Wright at Schalke and Brandon Vasquez at Atlanta – neither appear anywhere near ready, though.

        So unless Wood falls off the map soon, we’re talking about backups, not competition.

  4. So if an Englishman marries a Canadian, how long until they can both be citizens of the US? Just kidding; good for both of them.

  5. Would provide a different type of option for USMNT. Would be an alternative to Windows or Agudelo if one of the other strikers is injured. At this point in his career seems better than those two. Anyone here where Manneh’s eligibility is at, his citizenship went through but what about his eligibility to play.


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