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Hamburg insistent on keeping Wood despite outside interest

It’s only natural given Bobby Wood’s form and the nature of the European transfer market that the U.S. Men’s National Team forward is gaining interest from around the continent. Despite the growing attraction to Wood in Europe, his current club is insistent on keeping him past this season.

No specific clubs have been linked with the 24-year-old forward as of now, but another impressive season in front of net has put Wood further into the spotlight, and the light on him could grow if he shines for the USMNT in the coming weeks against Honduras and Panama.

“He’s in top shape. He works a lot out there, wins a lot of balls and direct duels,” Hamburg sporting director Jens Todt told Sport Bild, via “He’s also dangerous in front of the goal. Bobby does a really good job.

“We only read about it in the papers,” Todt said. “We will not get nervous when other clubs are interested in our players. We like the fact that our players are also interesting for other teams.”

Todt admitted that the club would consider an offer for Wood, but in an ideal world, the forward would be back with the Bundesliga side for the 2017-18 campaign.

“Given our current financial situation, we’d have to consider an offer for a strong player,” Todt said. “That’s normal and it applies for every Bundesliga club but Bayern. You shouldn’t be naive. Everyone loses players to a financially stronger club every once in a while. And it could happen to us. But we definitely want to keep Bobby.”


  1. Same goes for Managers… I think people treat sports in a wierd way. Imagine someone telling you: listen, I know you think you’re good, but don’t ask for a promotion at work (from associate to VP, from VP to Senior VP). Just play it safe… prove yourself some more for your current boss while being underpaid. Don’t switch to a bigger/better/ more famous company… stay with the piddly company you are with and turn them into Google!… yeah, people would love that, but somehow in sports that is cool. S… M… H…

    That being said, sometimes opportunities that seem good aren’t… but we spectators, from afar, really have no idea.

  2. Apparently I’m here before the horde of fellow Americans that caution/plead with him from challenging himself at a better club at the expense of remaining comfortable where he’s at.

    …you know, like when he made the jump to Hamburg to a chorus of people saying it was a mistake (go back and read SBI’s transfer discussions before he did…it’s embarrassing).

      • I don’t understand it.

        Pre-Klinsmann everyone was gun-ho about players making the jump to Europe, but since then it seems like most fans have, borderline, disdain for players opting for the philosophy of playing in better leagues or for better clubs.

        Klinsmann didn’t invent the philosophy and there’s nothing “noble” about going the Jordan Morris route (even if it works for him) when players openly admit to taking the safer route. It’s their career, after all, but that “it’s their career” goes both ways. Some just choose the challenge over the comfort and I find it weird/perhaps telling of their personality and drive when athletes favor the latter.

      • Old School:

        There’s at least 3 big factors in making his decision: (1) maximizing his income, (2) playing at a more prominent club, and (3) positioning himself to make the WC squad. Those don’t always synch up perfectly, and may in fact work against each other. But Wood seems to be more in the mold of Dempsey, with a strong self belief and wanting to test himself. I happen to prefer Donovan more as a national player (performance-wise), but many people have passed judgment on his career path. The way Wood carries himself on the field suggests he will keep pushing up and not worry about whether he can earn playing time until he lands his next gig. And that’s cool.

  3. If they get relegated, they will probably have to sell him and he should push for it. He is good enough for a mid tier team in Bund1

    • Might say he is good enough (to challenge for a starting spot at least) for anyone aside from Bayern and probably Dortmund considering their formation and Aubameyang.

      • Anthony, I know you watch a lot of soccer. The guy can play and at the very least challenge for a spot. You can either play or you can’t and he can. He is not elite but he is very good and has yet to reach his potential… c’mon.

      • Whammmm,

        I am not disparaging your opinion. While I do think Bobby has talent, I think there are more than 2 teams where he wouldn’t realistically challenge to lead the line in the Bundesliga. I do think he could challenge in any mid-table team, though. Goals aren’t everything and a lot depends on your team, talent and style of play, but I think he only has 4/5 goals in league play his season. There are over 20 player in the Bundesliga who have scored more. That is neither here or there though (given my previous qualifications). To your specific point when you only see Lewandowski and Aubameyang as players he can’t challenge, I have to disagree. In my opinion, he would not challenge Anthony Modeste or Timo Werner. I think he would challenge Chicharito because he does more, but, even in his worst year, Chicharito still has over 10 goals.

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