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Report: Diskerud nearing move to Sweden

Mix Diskerud’s contract with New York City FC was bought out last week, and it appears the midfielder could be set to resume his career back in Europe, at least temporarily.

According to ESPN, the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder is close to securing a loan to Swedish side IFK Goteborg. The deal could reportedly be finalized within the next two days and would see Diskerud join the club through August.

The deal would reportedly provide “minor” salary relief to NYCFC, who would still pay a bulk of the midfielder’s $761,250 deal.

Diskerud fell way off the NYCFC radar in 2016, making just 12 appearances throughout the club’s second season. The club publicly stated that they were looking to move the midfielder in the run up to 2017 but, with options exhausted, NYCFC bought out the midfielder’s deal last week.

Prior to moving to MLS, Diskerud made his name in Norway featuring for Stabaek and Rosenborg as well as Belgian side Gent.


  1. It was always a question for me if Mix could make it in the MLS. He looked in somegames for the USMNT, but when the opponents applied any real pressure, he became very ordinary. MLS is not anything if not physical and quick to pressure. I hoped that he would adapt to that pressure, but it seems not.

  2. As I said in the previous thread that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure which begs the question: When will MLS learn to utilize the transfer market?

    Not only are they still paying him, but they’re going to receive zero reimbursement for his services. MLS is making great strides in many capacities but they’ve routinely shown zero acumen in the transfer market and this is another example.

    Even if it was a bag of balls…

    • Old School,

      I watch a lot of soccer, and a lot of leagues fail in the transfer market a lot. Frankly, MLS will always pay premium for USMNT pool players because of marketing etc. Mixx’s $750K is not a big loss (especially to NYCFC). He did have a few solid performances, but he was not worth that salary (in MLS). However, if he made about $200K, I definitely could have seen him on another MLS team.

      On a side note, I have NEVER been a fan of the Scandinavian leagues. I have said it again and again, MLS should never loose quality players to the Danish/Norwegian/Swedish leagues because they are not better.

    • If anything you can definitely say MLS is above the level of some of those European leagues, like the Scandinavian ones.

      Mix was raved about by USMNT fans when he was in Europe (of course none of the fans ever actually saw him play for club over here which makes it funny) but then did not do well at all when he came to MLS. In fairness to him and the fans though, he did put up good performances with the National Team, but usually in cameo late sub appearances.

      • Fair enough…though he was a fairly solid player at NYCFC…fell out of favor though once Pirlo and Lampard came in.

        We’ll see how he does with a change of scenery…he’s a bit of an odd duck though, so who knows.

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