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Beckham moves one step closer to Miami soccer stadium

Photo by Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports

David Beckham may finally get his soccer stadium and MLS franchise in Miami.

According to the Miami Herald, Audrey Edmonson, Miami-Dade County commissioner for the Overtown district of Miami, where Beckham wants to build his 25,000 seat venue, has endorsed a proposal to sell a three acre plot of land to him for $9 million. The legislation she backs would allow the county to sell a Water and Sewer department-owned truck depot to Miami Beckham United, completing the acquisition of land necessary to get the stadium project off the ground.

If the deal is approved by the rest of the county, the Beckham group would have 60 days to put down a down payment on the land as it seeks official approval for a franchise from Major League Soccer.

This moves Beckham ever so close to the finish line of bringing an MLS team to Miami once again.

This isn’t the final legal victory, however. He may have the land, but he still needs to fight for approval to build the privately financed stadium. That will involve battles with the city of Miami and the Spring Garden neighborhood, which has already voiced concerns over heavy traffic in the area.

There is also the issue of parking. Beckham’s current plan doesn’t involve new parking spaces near the stadium. Instead, he is coming up with creative ways to gets fans into the facility. The group is promoting the use of Culmer Metrorail station about three blocks from the site, building new parking lots in surrounding areas, which would be serviced by shuttles to and from the stadium, as well as a ferry down the Miami River from downtown Miami. The ownership group is also promoting the soccer fan tradition of marching to the stadium from nearby bars and restaurants.

Overall, this is another piece of good news for an ownership group that has been trying to get an MLS team to Miami for many years.


  1. Yeah I know… That’s why I said actually funny comment as has 2 meanings ; ). It is a novel idea but there are three metro stops as the rail bends around this area…one to north is three blocks… One to east is five blocks and one to south west is seven blocks down river plus has people mover light rail…the bullet train will be also east four blocks to Ft Laud West Palm and Orlando access…taxi, uber and water taxi…shuttle buses run to Marlins parking eight blocks west or to 2000 spots just east team will rent! Will be awesome…can’t wait to beat NY which we used to call Metros and DC which we used to call scum again

  2. SBI Mafia original here! That actually is very funny above comment!!! No team will be an offensive minded team, as history shows from 2001 Supporters Shield Winners and one of the most explosive teams in MLS short history!!!

    Super excited to get our beloved Fusion back!


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