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Beckham land purchase approved, stadium opening advanced to 2020

David Beckham has cleared another legal hurdle in his quest to bring MLS to Miami.

Miami-Dade County Commissioners have approved the sale of the last tract of land needed to build his Overtown stadium by a 9-4 vote. The two sides now have a year to negotiate the numerous permits and other paperwork needed to finalize the sale of the land, which is seen as a formality at this point in the process. Once terms are agreed, the purchase can officially be processed.

“We are not here to take money from the county or the city,” Beckham’s partner Tim Leiweke said. “We will pay for this project ourselves privately.  We will operate it privately.  We will pay property taxes and we will be good neighbors.  But Miami be part of this soccer revolution.”

In response to the approval, the Beckham group moved the projected opening of the stadium up from 2021 into 2020.

After many years of waiting and delays, it appears that Miami Beckham United has finally found their golden ticket.


  1. mr Beckham, Don’t do this. it will not work. switch to las Vegas or some other place.

  2. Miami fans be like:

    Let’s go to the match. Oh shit no parking lets take the metro. Oh shit we have to walk three blocks on the street thru Overtown nevermind let’s Netflix and chill.

    • Maybe it’s because I am from Los Angeles where we don’t mind driving and a 4 hour drive to Vegas is seen as an easy drive, but I don’t get why people have been bringing up “it’s in Overtown” so much. A quick view on Google Maps shows that it is 1.4 miles from Downtown Miami. That’s nothing. And all this talk was even before the no parking revelation.


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