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Jurgen Klinsmann dismisses links to Sunderland job

Jurgen Klinsmann’s name always seems to pop up when it comes to vacant managerial positions, but the former U.S. Men’s National Team head coach insists his latest link isn’t legitimate.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported that German manager was being targeted as Sunderland’s next manager. The relegated English club is set to be sold to a German ownership group, and that group understandably has reportedly targeted Klinsmann to replace David Moyes as manager.

Klinsmann took to Facebook to insist that there’s no truth to the rumor while also showing off his view of a Styx concert.

Klinsmann was dismissed from his role as USMNT boss following a pair of losses in November’s World Cup qualifiers and has been out of a job since his firing. He has, however, frequently been around the American soccer scene as his son, Jonathan, make waves on the youth national team scene while taking part in several trials with European teams.


  1. I would love to see International coach for USNT, but International coach has to start youth teams first, like Perckerman or Bielsa. Klinsmann basically an American now.

  2. If he were to take the Sunderland job, he would insist all of his players go out on loan, so they could get experience at the top level.

  3. why does JK need the stress of a “job”? His ass got PAID from US Soccer when dismissed. He can sit comfortably on the money for a long, long time.

      • The top tax rate in the UK is 45%. In the US it is 38% and then add on 11% for California, for a total rate of 49%. The top rate in California is for incomes of over $1 million, which I assume Klinsmann is getting, even after deductions.

      • You add the gas-tax, cost of food & utilities, Orange County Tax plus city & property city. I lived in Los Angeles most my life & left because taxes: EDD, Franchise Tax of California, & State Board Equalization, & also endless regulation = more spending. Now I live in Florida Coastline for cheaper price & I could walk around armed.

    • Banked almost 20 years of pro checks playing at a high level for above market money plus two NT jobs plus Bayern plus the US Soccer buyout. He and his wife picked Cali as where to settle and I assume he goes where he wants to and doesn’t HAVE to do anything to pay the bills. Does US Soccer, Germany, and Bayern sound like the resume of someone who takes a job to work?

      I don’t see him going anywhere short term. His daughter is 16 and his son is still at least nominally a Berkeley student. Maybe when the daughter is off to college and his son has signed a contract (which could happen this season), does he go get a new job. But he has the money and family to just sit.

      He comes across as kind of an Ayn Rand capitalist type but if he cared about taxes he wouldn’t be living in California to begin with. I assume he cares about scenic beauty more. I don’t see him moving to Texas to avoid taxes. Europe would be even higher taxes and that’s where I could see him taking a job if he ever does.


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