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Larin set to enter MLS substance abuse protocol following DUI arrest

Photo by Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Following Thursday’s DUI arrest, Cyle Larin took to Twitter to begin his push towards recovery.

Larin apologized via a note on social media on Friday, stating his regret for disappointing fans of both Orlando City and the Canada national team. The apology comes just one day after the arrest, which prompted MLS to require an assessment by the league’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program.

Larin will not be eligible to play for Orlando City or participate in any team activity until that assessment is complete.

“Orlando City SC takes great pride in the way it represents the Orlando community and expects all players, coaches and front office staff to uphold that standard at all times, both on and off the field,” the club said in a statement. “The Club is very disappointed in Cyle Larin’s actions that resulted in this charge and does not take this situation lightly. We are working with local authorities, Major League Soccer and Cyle to take appropriate action in line with league protocol.”

Larin was pulled over early on Thursday morning when his Cadillac was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road. After nearly causing a head-on collision, Larin was booked for DUI after he reportedly blew a 0.179 and 0.182, over twice the legal limit.

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The Canadian forward, who has been the subject of transfer rumors for several months, has scored eight goals this season. Orlando City is set to host the Montreal Impact this weekend.


  1. Just more proof that MLS will always be a Mickey Mouse league. Sure Larin plays in Orlando but this type of misconduct doesn’t hold a candle to the type of hi-jinks you get in Europe. Wake me up when he’s actually crashing his car like a real pro Mario Balotelli. This kid may think he’s hot sh*t just because he spells his name Cyle, but he’ll never truly be king of the castle until he’s shooting fire works out of his arse in his bathroom. Just more proof that MLS is a lunch pail league that’s still dozens of skill players away from getting bailed out it’s pitchside purgatory. Really makes you think

  2. I’ll be disappointed if the league or club doesn’t impose a suspension.

    While I understand the humor Sharkbait is referencing, the lack of sobriety and mental awareness displayed could have been fatal to an innocent driver on the road. This is a teachable moment, and entering rehab protocol is a good step in the right direction, but there has to be professional consequences to endangering life.

  3. “If I get pulled over I can call them and sort out the situation.”

    This whole video is crazy, and hilarious, and sad all in one but if you ask me that bit at the end is the most damning part of the entire thing. He should get in a lot of trouble for the DUI of course but I’ll be surprised if there’s not a big deal made about the whole “cops that work for us” bit. I think everyone knows that the rich and powerful don’t always play by the same rules as everyone else but to get caught blatantly telling a cop that seems like breaking an unspoken rule to me.

    “I’m not from here, I’m from Canada.”

    And Canada drives on the right too lol.


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