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Report: LAFC closing in on Wesley Sneijder

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Los Angeles FC is reportedly close to naming the club’s first big-name Designated Player.

According to ESPN, LAFC is nearing a two-year deal with Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder to become the club’s first DP. Currently a fixture with Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray, Sneijder has reportedly been offered a  $3.5 million-a-year deal to join the upcoming expansion club.

The 33-year-old midfielder still has a year left on his deal with Galatasaray, but could reportedly join LAFC ahead of the club’s first preseason to start 2018.

Sneijder, who previously starred for Ajax, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, won the UEFA Champions League with the Italian club while forging his reputation as one of the world’s elite central playmakers. With 131 caps, he’s also the most capped player in Dutch national team history.

The veteran midfielder has made 173 appearances since joining Galatasaray in 2013, firing 45 goals for the Turkish club.

LAFC has previously been linked with the likes of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, although a move for the latter remains up in the air following the Swedish star’s knee injury.



  1. The notion that MLS teams should ignore healthy, under-35 year old European players with a proven track record and name-recognition is ridiculous. Sneijder remains a regularly starting Dutch International (their most capped ever). Since when isn’t that good enough for MLS (or most other leagues)? And of course MLS should also look at younger players. It can walk and chew gum at the same time. The league and teams just need to do their homework to ensure they are getting a motivated, healthy player.

  2. They need to follow what Atlanta United has done. They have been very successful looking to young players from South America.

  3. They and other MLS teams should be going after young budding players at teams like Boca Jrs., River Plate, or teams in the Brazilian league. When you look at foreigners who have had a big impact, I think more come from South America than Europe.

  4. it’s not totally dumb for a new team to sign star power. it’s instant marketing. but yes, the long-term success of the league isn’t in aging stars. think everyone agrees on that.

  5. I think MLS is doing a lot of things right and starting to do even more to positively grow the soccer culture here, but I simply can’t take the league seriously (yet) with these types of unimaginative signings.

    • I agree… I think you can go for players like this on certain occasions just stop making them DPs like Scott said above. Most of them are just looking for one more big paycheck. The big market clubs are all about the splash signings. There are other (smarter) ways to go about it as other clubs have proved.

    • Old School: I don’t disagree that this is a fairly safe signing and maybe doesn’t move the needle as much much as a Beckham, but I see Sneijder in the same category as Kean or Villa. Early 30’s, still contributing for their national team, and scoring goals in a solid league. Okay, maybe the Turkish league isn’t the greatest, but the guy still plays for Holland. Okay, Holland has struggled the past few years, but still…

      LAFC was never going to follow the Atlanta playbook of signing 3 talented nobodies. They have to create a splash, and I think Sneijder does that. They still have 2 other DP slots to play with. And by the way, I’m an LAG fan, so this team will become our immediate rivals. But I don’t want another Chivas to kick around…

      • Not a chance as a slow moving creator… you can’t compare him to keane or villa. I’ve always been a fan of WS but he doesn’t compare to either of those two.

      • Whammm: I don’t think anyone believed Keane and Villa would ever perform at the level they did in MLS when they were first signed. It was a bit of a rejuvenation project for both. WS may not reach that level, but I think he is worth the $3.5M investment. He won’t be anywhere near the top DP salary in the league anyway.

      • Ok, 3.5 isn’t as bad as I thought… didn’t know what the actual dollars were, I expected much higher. I guess that is their choice if they want to use the DP spot on him that is their choice.

  6. Hmmmm….not great deal & Sneijder is almost expire, maybe Sneijder as non-DP via TAM could be a good deal. Focus a DP under 32’s & performing above average in Europe.


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