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Freddy Adu joins Polish club Sandecja Nowy Sącz for trial despite manager’s protests

Freddy Adu is headed to Poland for a trial.

Polish side Sandecja Nowy Sącz announced on Monday that Adu has joined the club for a trial period. The club was promoted from the Polish second division and recently kicked off its season in the Polish top flight.

The move is not without drama, though, as the club’s manager Radosław Mroczkowski was reportedly unaware the Adu would be joining for a trial before the midfielder arrived in Europe. Mroczkowski added that he doesn’t plan on letting Adu train with the team.

“I just heard someone picked him up from the airport,” Mroczkowski said. “This is not my idea, so let’s face it, the man who wants to have Frank [sic] Adu on the team, I do not accept this, it was not consulted with me. I will not test it, as someone else wants, and they can do it. In my opinion, the club is so ridiculous. Instead of building a team in a sensible way, we are looking for old vacuum cleaners.”

Adu is set to undergo a medical with the team on Tuesday before a final decision is made, according to the club.

The 28-year-old midfielder most recently suited up for the Tampa Bay Rowdies in 2015-16. Should he sign with Sandecja Nowy Sącz, the club would become the 14th Adu has played for throughout his 13-year career.


  1. I am proud of Freddy Adu. He still has his dream and continues to go for it. I hope someday he sticks with a team and gets his chance to keep playing. I had always hoped he would find his “rehab” back with DC United- the team that screwed him up in the first place.

  2. why is there ALWAYS DRAMA between him and coaches
    Why does he put himself in situations where there is tension around him
    He sets himself up for failure before he even begins to settle in…what gives???

  3. Frank Adu has the best agent in any professional setting. Motherfucker is literally getting him signed now to clubs that have managers who don’t know his real name, age or even want his services to the point they insult the very club that employs them.

    At any point in our life, no matter how successful we are/become, none of us will ever compare to Frank Adu’s agent.

  4. freddie should find a home in usl second division, earn minutes, make a NEW name for himself, then repeat this process in the first division of usl. like actor John travolta reinventing himself and changing his image from disco dancer to serious actor.

    • He already tried that route, with Tampa Rowdies two years ago. And don’t tell me that NASL level of play is any better than USL2…

  5. Don’t know what’s a bigger slap in the face….
    The coaches comments about Freddy (Slap on Adu)…..Or the Club Rep. who brought in a player without clearing it with the coach (Slap to the Coach).

    • I never saw those highlights before (started following the whole Nat team circa 2009). Adu’s first goal was a top ten play, any week, in any league in the world. No doubt he squandered his talent, but Lord did he have some to spare. Shame he didn’t join Altidore and Bradley as stalwarts (barring that long ball hit against Mexico, Gold Cup 2011 that got everyone’s hopes raised again).

  6. I have rooted for and hoped this dude would get some breaks. For a while around 2011, it looked like a maybe. He is still just 5 months older than Jozy, so perhaps. Best of Luck, Freddie …

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine he’s anywhere close to game shape fitness right now after not having a team last year.

  7. Frank [sic] Adu!

    I just have one question: Did SBI hire FRANK as the newest staff writers? Because I haven’t laughed this hard reading a soccer story as I just did. And not because of what’s happening to Freddy’s career, I still have hope he can return to some semblance of respectability. But man, there’s a lot of great comedy material in this write up! Made my monday


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