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Giuseppe Rossi released from Celta Vigo contract

Just a few months after suffering another catastrophic injury, American-Italian Giuseppe Rossi will depart Celta Vigo.

In an official statement, the team announced that it would not renew Rossi’s contract. The American-born striker missed the end of the 2016-2017 season after rupturing his ACL in mid-April. The news puts an end to Rossi’s two-year return to La Liga after his departure from Fiorentina in Serie A.

“Giuseppe Rossi will not continue the next season at RC Celta,” the statement read. “The club wants to express its gratitude to the player, both for his attitude and his great professionalism during his time, besides wishing him an early and complete recovery of his injury. Good luck, Beppe!”

Rossi suffered his latest knee injury in Celta Vigo’s April 9 match against SD Eibar. He underwent surgery in Dallas and was expected to need the standard 6-9 months recovery time. The ACL tear ended Rossi’s Celta Vigo tenure after 18 matches and four goals, including a hat-trick against Las Palmas.

Injuries have kept Rossi’s playing time inconsistent since his departure from Villarreal. He made just 33 appearances for Fiorentina from 2013-2016, before his 16 appearances on loan with Levante.

The former Italy international will now be in search of a new club to continue his career.


  1. lots of guys have injuries but i always wonder if this guy isn’t being professionally jobbed due to the potentially bad press if the American ex-pat were to go on to have a world class career, scoring goals at will against usa and celebrating like Christmas every every devastating goal.

  2. Maybe his grandfather’s pride that he choose Italy will comfort him through his rehab campaign.

    Please tell me there’s not an MLS team dumb enough to sign this walking eggshell.

  3. You could say the same for all those GERMAN born players who chose USA over the land of their birth. It’s all good. I’m over it now. Feel bad for him.

  4. I would think that MLS could a good lifeline for his career at this point of not for all of the teams that play on a turf surface.

    • I have no clue what you mean, honestly. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for Rossi to join MLS? At any rate, I doubt MLS wants him, though.

      • Of course MLS would take a chance on a relatively healthy-but-injury prone Rossi. NYRB is the obvious choice were it to happen. Not a Rossi fan but I can’t deny the talent he could offer to MLS.

      • Perhaps because of the injuries, but there’s still talent in his body. MLS is always chasing people they can market and Rossi fits that bill.

        It’s a fair question to ask if he would he stay healthy and validate his salary requirements (whatever they may be) for frugal ownerships. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing him give it a try – even if he opts to not play on turf fields like previous signees.

  5. I was disappointed in his decision to choose Italy, regardless of his consistent statements, but his recurring knee issues are unfortunate for a player with his talent. i think that he does into a category with John O’Brien, Gooch and others whose injuries prevented them from being US greats.

    • I don’t really worry too much about injuries of Italian (or any other) internationals. Like footydoc said Holden tops the list, he had all the potential. Luckily we go to see some of it at a very high level… until that dirt bag Jonny Evans showed up.

      • Rossi’s decision – like that of Subotic – are unfortunate and distressing from my perspective as a fan. But, it is tough not to feel for a New Jersey kid whose knees keep betraying him. That being said, I would not travel to an MLS game with the primary purpose to see either of them play.

      • I think Holden could have been the best central midfielder we ever produced. I’m not sure enough people appreciate how good he was/was on track to be.

        However, Holden has become a fanastic color commentator and I’m glad we have him in the booth with his perspective, and professionalism. We need more of him (and I’d put Twellman in there, too) over the likes of the horrific Eric Wynalda – who might be the worst American analyst we’ve ever produced.

      • Old school, completely agree. Holden is great doing color, I’d still rather have seen him finish his playing career before going into broadcasting though:) Wynalda and lalas shouldn’t be in the booth anymore. I do like Keller and Friedel (even with his weird accent)

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