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Osorio suspended six matches, will miss Gold Cup

Mexico will be without its head coach for the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

El Tri boss Juan Carlos Osorio has been suspended for his squad’s next six matches for insulting match officials during the Confederations Cup third place match against Portugal. He was also given a warning and a fine of 5,000 Swiss francs.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee handed the suspension out on Friday, claiming he violated article 49.1 a of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, which deals with unsporting conduct towards match officials.

That means Osorio will not be able to manage the team during the upcoming Gold Cup tournament, which will last six games if Mexico make the final. Should they crash out early, the suspension will carry over into the next round of World Cup qualifiers in September.

Mexico’s Gold Cup campaign kicks off Sunday night against El Salvador in San Diego.


  1. Mexico is playing their “C” team, their coach is suspended and we’re playing at home. What happens to Arena if we don’t win this tournament?

    • nothing. he’s coaching to get USNMT to Russia. this tournament in no way impacts that task.

      also, not exactly USA’s A team either….

    • Any time Mexico and the United States are playing within a tournament hosted within the United States, Mexico is essentially the co-host country. Let’s not be ridiculous.

      Also, as adam has said: Arena has one responsibility and that’s the 2018’s destination.

  2. …and this is, yet another, reason Mexico doesn’t “represent CONCACAF” as so many of my fellow Americans recite when justifying cheering for them in tournaments.

    Osorio nearly went Mike Tyson and bit the side judge’s ear off. Such a trashy national team from top to bottom.

    • yeah, I’ve never understood USMNT fans who throw their support behind Mexico in a tournament if we’re not in it (or have been knocked out). I used to absolutely hate Germany for what they did to France in ’82 then knocking them out again in ’86. I still despise them, but as I have aged, I have learned to respect the fact that they churn out talented teams that play (usually) positive soccer. I will never cheer for them (unless they play against El Tri or when they beat Brazil 7-1), but I acknowledge they are a good team. I will never feel that way about El Tri…

      I do disagree a bit with you about Osorio. Seems like he had managed to get that team to get their heads out of their own butts. But I’m cool with anything that will disrupt their program and make qualifying for the WC just a little bit less of a cake walk.

    • While I don’t cheer for them in tournaments, I’m not gonna condemn the entire team for their coach’s mistake. People snap sometimes, especially in a highly intense situation like he was in. I don’t condone it, (or those certain projectiles some of their fans have been known to throw at opposing players) I just understand people get angry when they believe they’re getting a raw deal. You want people playing a loop of Dempsey ripping up the refs book, and pinning that on all of US Soccer?

      • That wasn’t during a national team match, and I never referenced Mexico players while playing for club. I’m directly referring to the trashy fans, booing our national anthem (ironically while in this country) overall trashy conduct and dirty theatrics on the pitch.

        I’m not “condeming” Mexico over this one reaction. I’m highlighting why it’s absurd to support them and dignify them “representing CONCACAF” for the countless actions and character (or lack thereof).

        Disclaimer: Before someone goes SJW on me, I’m not referring to Mexico as a country or the Mexican culture. This is directly within the sporting realm that I find them absolute scumbags.

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