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UPDATED: Kitchen officially signs with Randers FC

Perry Kitchen is on the hunt for a new club and it appears he’s moving closer to finding one.

According to reports out of Scotland, Kitchen has departed Hearts training camp to undergo a medical with Danish club Randers FC. The proposed move to Denmark wouldn’t yield a transfer fee as both Hearts and Kitchen are looking to move on.

(UPDATE: On Wednesday afternoon, Randers FC confirmed Kitchen has joined the club on a permanent deal.

“We have been chasing a No. 6 for a while to get a balanced player on the team,” Randers FC direcotr Michael Gravgaard said. “Perry Kitchen gives us a player with a strong character and a good expression. He possesses many of the virtues we want that Randers FC is known for. It is not a magician who beats five men in a phone booth, but a disciplined player who works very hard, but also smart. We have high expectations for him and expect that he quickly leaves his mark.”

“Before we get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to than Hearts for a great time there,” Kitchen added. “Unfortunately for me, in the last six months, things went south to say the least and it was in my best interest to get back to enjoying my football. This came up and I think it’s teh best opportunity for me at this point. I’m happy to be here.”)

Kitchen joined Hearts in 2016 and rapidly rose through the club, earning the team’s captaincy in the fall. However, he rapidly fell out favor of new manager Ian Cathro and was eventually replaced as captain just several months after being awarded the role.

Randers FC finished seventh in the Danish Superliga last season. The club’s best finish came in 2013 when the team finished third in the Danish top flight.


  1. From Captain and Starter to relegated bench duty, stripped of captainship and essentially given away for less than a bag of balls.

    That coach either absolutely hated him, or something happened behind closed doors.

  2. Perry is moving backwards in his career. This move will do little to move the needle towards him receiving more USMNT caps, and its looking more and more like a stay in MLS was the way to go smh

    • I thought my Dynamo should consider signing him.

      Why not someplace else SPL? Surely there is a market with some money in it for the former captain of the team that just finished 5th.

      Davies and Nguyen played for Randers but they also ended up back in MLS.

      I could understand going off the grid when the coach was Klinsmann but Arena wants to bulk. With the ageing of Jones, Beckerman, and Bradley, this is actually a perfect time for DMs to announce their presence with authority.

    • I don’t see how this is any worse than moving back to MLS. More a lateral move. Although I’ve never seen them play, I’d bet the Randers would do fine in MLS. Any thoughts on depth of Danish league by someone familiar. My main complaint about SPL was the lack of depth of quality teams. Also, keep in mind he has to prove himself in higher pressure situations compared to US. He might also be making more money then he would in MLS. If Mcarty or Rowe are getting looks on the NATs, there is no reason why Kitchen shouldn’t if he performs well in the Danish league.

      • He is not making more $ than he would have in MLS. He was being offered around $500k at DC and he turned it down to try and go to Europe. Got about $200k at Hearts. $140k at Randers. Thats the funny thing about people pushing guys to go to Europe. You only have so many playing years (with injury your playing years could be over tomorrow) make the $ while you can. But if he thought he’d be happier in Europe at lower wages than more power to him.

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