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Friday Kickoff: Carlos Tevez blasts Chinese soccer, Marcelo injured and more


One star was very critical of the country he plays in while a Real Madrid stalwart is set to miss time due to injury.

Carlos Tevez says the state of Chinese soccer is “not very good” and that the players’ lack of technical ability mean the country will not be good “even in 50 years”. (REPORT)

Real Madrid defender Marcelo is expected to miss a few weeks of action due to a leg injury. (REPORT)

After re-injuring his knee in his midweek return, Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan says the issue is “nothing serious”. (REPORT)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says he had hoped to join Paris Saint-Germain this past summer, but hopes of a move were ended by the hiring of PSG’s new sporting director Antero Henrique. (REPORT)

Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward says he expects Facebook and Amazon to enter the bidding for the next round of Premier television rights. (REPORT)


Christian Pulisic and DeAndre Yedlin headline this weekend’s Americans Abroad. (READ)

SBI took a look at the Western Conference playoff picture. (READ)

In addition, SBI broke down the Eastern Conference race. (READ)

Another strong team performance helped Sporting KC win the U.S. Open Cup. (READ)

The Ne York Red Bulls have turned their focus towards the postseason following their Open Cup defeat. (READ)


  1. What is the problem with Carlos Tevez view about the state of Chinese soccer?? its the truth and he’s not being disrespectful in his tone…its the same with US soccer…it aint good enough!!! why are people offended?? money doesn’t automatically make a country better at soccer in fact, it makes the problem worse, cause chinese and americans think they can buy talent and be taught to be talented. and you don’t look from within, the inner cities and poor immigrant kids….in the US, soccer is a white rich sport with no ambition or street smarts to ever win anything

    • The answer your question: Sometimes it’s not “what” you say but “how” you say it.

      He could have been more tactful. But that’s on him. I’m not losing any sleep over it.

      Regarding the rant about the sport here being “rich, white..” and the rest of the usual stereotype.

      With all due respect to you, Player:

      That just seems like an old, played out take.

      Does it exist some places? I’m sure. But I think that it’s a take based more on also from about fifteen or twenty years ago.

      I don’t think that it’s accurate now.

      Maybe I’m just an old head who’s seen a lot over the years. Maybe it’s just about perspective.

      I agree with you about bringing in talent and thinking that it’s going to help you jump levels without working enough on actual player development.

      Maximum respect.

    • I bet you the Chinese aren’t even mad at his comments. The Chinese are pragmatic about stuff like this, I’m certain most Chinese welcome this kind of frank talk from Tevez, and as you said he wasn’t being disrespectful or even mocking them.


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