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Robert Lewandowski, wife eye ‘dream’ move to Los Angeles

Robert Lewandowski and his wife, Anna, have set their sights on Los Angeles.

Speaking to Business Insider Poland, the wife of the Bayern Munich star says the two are hoping to move to Los Angeles before the end of the forward’s career. Anna Lewandowska is a health food blogger that owns her own company, Foods by Ann.

“I think that we will spend some time in the United States. We dream of Los Angeles. That’s where we want to develop our brands,” Anna told Business Insider Poland.

“We hope Robert will end his career at a club in Los Angeles and we can say it would be our dream. Our goal is to build a strong, honest and stable brand under the name ‘The Lewandowskis.’ We want to create a third brand, and this time together. We are aware of our strengths and we know we can not only use it for business but also good things like education and social welfare. The time for a Lewandowski brand is now.”

In terms of the forward’s career, a potential move to Los Angeles gives him options. The LA Galaxy have long been a landing space for European stars, but they will certainly face competition with the introduction of LAFC ahead of the 2018 campaign.

However, any move likely won’t occur for a few seasons as Lewandowski’s contract with Bayern runs through 2021.

The 29-year-old forward has scored 13 goals in 13 league matches for Bayern this season after scoring 30 in each of the past two seasons.


  1. As we all know players will come to MLS only when their earning capacity has fallen to a level MLS will pay, or when they are so filthy rich (and old) they do not care about the money and want to experience life in the USA.

    Nothing new here, move on.

  2. These moves are almost not going to happen by default going forward. Players of this quality don’t want to come until they fully exhausted themselves in Europe and if they did – MLS teams (rightly so) don’t want to get them.

    What needs to start happening is that players like Lewandowski need to say “I can play for 2 more years at Bayern and likely start, but I am going to go ahead and sign a 5-year deal with LAFC to make a real contribution to the team, the league, and my name in US”. This needs to happen when he is 31, not when he is 34.

  3. Euros love to tell us how backwards we Americans are
    Until they want us to buy thier products. No doubt though their will be a multitude of dopes that will be at the line for season tickets and their whole foods.

    • She also mentioned she planned to educate us. In social welfare.

      For what it’s worth, I am really into The Witcher. Amazing premise. Awesome plotlines. Tons of bewbs. Netflix is even adapting it for a series that I think will challenge Game of Thrones. Aside from that…well, I know absolutely nothin’ about Polish stuff.


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