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Emerson Hyndman: I’m on ‘right path’ to Bournemouth first team


Playing time has been sparse for Emerson Hyndman since his return to Bournemouth, but the American midfielder still has faith that he’s moving closer to the first team.

Hyndman joined Rangers on loan last season and shined in Scottish play. Throughout his 13-match run with the club, he scored four goals while handling the physicality of Scottish soccer fairly well despite his slight frame.

However, Hyndman has struggled to be a part of the first team since returning to Bournemouth this summer. The midfielder has been named to the bench three times in cup play, making one appearance, while failing to make a gameday squad in the Premier League.

Still, Hyndman believes there’s a path to first team soccer sooner rather than later.

“I think the first team always has to be the goal, especially when you are a young player,” Hyndman told the Bournemouth Echo. “When you are a central midfielder, it’s sometimes difficult. At the same time, I feel really good. I went on loan last season and that gave me a lot of experience.

“It’s about trying to fight through it and try to get a chance here and there. I think I’m on the right path. You want it now but you have to be patient and wait for the opportunity. The manager tells me I am doing well in training so that is all I can really do, keep working hard and keep improving and just try to get in his team.”

Hyndman’s Bournemouth faces off with Chelsea on Wednesday in League Cup action.


  1. You could get a pretty good team from all the players they said were too lightweight for the premier league – eg Silva, Coutinho, De Bruyne, Salah !

    • Silva has reasonable amount of strength and above average quickness and Salah is very strong for a short player. They are both also very sturdy. Emerson seems to pick up long term injuries very easily. Much different. Coutinho has incredible quickness and above average speed. That counts for a lot. Emerson doesn’t quite have that level of quickness or speed. Two attributes that allow you to play against physically beastly defenders.

      • When all else fails, call the other person an idiot… Sound strategy.

        Here’s why your original premise is ridiculous: You thought your opinion mattered and that he should leave an EPL team for some other league even though BOTH the player and the coach at Bournemouth think he’s on the right track.

        Did you actually read the article where Hyndman says “The manager tells me I am doing well in training so that is all I can really do, keep working hard and keep improving and just try to get in his team”? No, you didn’t. You rushed to type and provide your uninformed opinion because you want to act like you know more than a professional player and his EPL coach. You don’t. He’s a young player who already went to Scotland on loan, and now the next step in his development is to stick around in a tough environment and earn a spot, not look for the easy path.

    • emerson will never be at the level of the players you mentioned, and that’s not a shot at him because he has ability, so it’s just dumb to bring up those players names as some sort of referendum on Hyndman. Skill level, quickness, foot speed and thinking quickly are what allows those players to thrive in the Prem when you consider their stature! Bad comparisons bro!

  2. A bad situation where he comes back from injury and Bournemouth is near the relegation zone. A manager just isn’t going to take risk or give a player time to play up to a certain level.

  3. He isn’t that young anymore and needs games. Going to the EPL was always a step too far. He needs to leave asap. Absolutely nothing has indicated he is the managers plans.

  4. He is to much for Bournemouth,he is disdriminated by the coach club,in rangers shine more
    than the one who hired the former coach Pedro Cainxina that was fired,anyway is still to young and the next year all will change for better

  5. By contributing just 25-cents a day, less than $8 a month, to the SAVE EMERSON Fund, you too can rescue and adopt an Emerson Hyndman from Bournemouth

  6. I personally think he is in the wrong league. He is too light weight for the premier league and while that’s debatable, he clearly is carrying that reputation. If I were him I would look to move to Rangers on the permanent, otherwise find a league like Holland or Belgium. Ajax, Feyenoor, PSV all seem like good fits. He’s a great player but will never get his chance at Bournemouth no matter what the manager tells him.

    • Your solution to him being too small to hack it in the EPL is move to Scotland, a league known for its physicality and players getting hacked…?

      • Scotland is absolutely not known for being anywhere near as physical as the prem these days so my solution is light years ahead of yours, which is nothing. He’s proven he can mostly take it there but he’s proven nothing of the sort in England and was even voted most physically weak by his own teammate recently so the perception is definitely there. Look at all the 16 year olds breaking through in Scotland this past year… All light weight. Nobody in Scotland has the size and muscle as the defenders and midfielders on teams like Man U and Man City. Nobody.

      • Chi: You’re wrong. The Scottish is most definitely known for being more brutal than the EPL, in large part because the EPL refs have to protect the high-priced foreign players or they will simply stop coming to the league.

        My solution is for him to stay put, keep working hard in practice as he has been doing, and earn his spot the old fashion way, rather than looking for a league that is “easier”, which is what you are suggesting.

    • He’ll never get a chance at Bournemouth so great solution. I hope you aren’t giving advice to young players. Working hard has nothing to do with it.,

    • Also, I never said he should go to an easier league. That’s your old school, old guy perception. I suggest those other leagues are a better fit for this particular player. Unless there is something wrong with Ajax, Feyenoord, Anderlecht, etc… I guess Bournemouth is as good as it gets in your mind though.

      • i’d have to agree with your stance on this one. Emerson first needs to stay healthy, then he needs to figure out if this is the best spot for him because he’s getting older by the year and before long he’ll be stuck in a league that is not known for developing young players. The Prem is about survival, especially for teams like Bournemouth who don’t have to capacity to rotate their team or get the younger players meaningful minutes. Scotland is a hack league for sure, and that’s the last place he needs to be even considering his success there last year!

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