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Report: Atlanta United nearing move for Darlington Nagbe

One of the league’s elite attacks appears to be close to adding a U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder.

ESPN reported Monday that Atlanta United is close to signing acquiring Darlington Nagbe from the Portland Timbers. According to the report, the Timbers would receive  $750,000 in general allocation money, $300,000 in targeted allocation money, and an additional $500,000-$600,000 in incentive-based compensation. With those figures, the deal would surpass the total value of Orlando City’s move for Dom Dwyer this summer.

In addition, the Timbers would also received an international roster spot and a percentage of any future sale of the midfielder. Defender Gbenga Arokoyo would also head to Atlanta and be bought out by the club as the Timbers look to offload the defender’s salary.

Nagbe has played in Portland for the entirety of his career after being selected second overall by the club in 2011. The midfielder scored three goals and added five assists in 27 games last season.


  1. If this happens I’m excited to see if Tata can help Nagbe improve. Nagbe is prone to over-dribbling and frequently has frustrated CP, Altidore and Wood for missing their runs. Also, what would this signing do for Carleton’s playing time, I’m not a ATL fan, but I do enjoy watching them. If it comes down to Nagbe going there and ATL being a little better or Carleton getting large amounts of minutes? I vote for Carleton.

    • Had the same thought. Nagbe is fast, slick, awesomely technical…but he’s slow to see passes develop and definitely holds the ball too long.

      Tata’s boys are as incisive as a sword thrust. If you’re going to take space, you throw it into fifth gear and you drive, and you leave the other team pulling up their shorts. If you’re passing, you get that ball off your foot. Soonest. Five seconds ago would have almost been fast enough.

      Whatever you do, though, you do not dally and you do not faff about. Nagbe will benefit a ton from that…or he will get benched and traded soonest. Because Tata and the Gang ain’t got TIME for all that….

  2. Wow. Arthur’s Gang is not faffing around.

    Biggest problem with ATL was, they were one of the slickest teams in the Western Hemisphere players 1-11 but they had nothin’ beyond that…so they went out and got one of the fastest, most technical middies in America on top of what was already an impressive offseason Wish List.

    Getting the ball away from these guys could already be a challenge; it just got a heckuva lot harder. If they start going 15-16 players deep, even CONCACAF Champios League may actually need to Watch Out, because I think at their best ATL is better than a Mexican side.

    • Well that is the question. Where is the balance? Great 1-11 and pray for no injuries has worked, but it also has backfired with injuries or underperformances.

      • ^this. Whining says it all here. If Martinez hadn’t missed half the season and if Miggy could have avoided that leg injury leading up into the playoff game who knows how high we could have finished. Supports Shield, MLS Cup? Certainly not unthinkable if full 11 was healthy full year, but that never happens in sports.

        Bringing in 3-5 role players in key positions who’s play isn’t a high drop off from the first 11 would really change things for ATL. It also give Tata the ability to be more tactical depending on opponents and in game sub options change too. Tata was loath to sub the starters off most games because of the drop off in play. Cost us in the end with the Miggy injury who wasn’t really 100% health or form wise in the playoff it looked like either.

  3. Anyone remember what Celtic offered Portland for Nagbe but it was turned down? If they offered > $2 Million, Portland should have sold him. Now Portland is helping another rival, Atlanta, for less money ($1.65 Million).

  4. wow. that happens, that changes things. As in Almiron is leaving? They refused $25 million I believe.

    As in Portland without Nagbe?

    • Different making the transfer in January, easier to turn down 25 million with the playoffs around the corner in August. Might end up taking less money but makes more sense competitively.

  5. As an ATL supporter I’ll say this, Nagbe is probably being brought in to play the box to box #8 role that we had Carmona playing last year and since Carmona’s instincts are to stay back Tata’s probably going to have Carmona take Jeff Lawrentowicz place at the #6 position, and use Lawrentowicz as cover off the bench if we need a DM or CB. This is if we keep Alimiron thru the summer. If Alimoron goes in the winter window it means we’re playing the Barco kid at the 10 and Nagbe LW in a 4231.

    With the new TAM rules they just announced its without doubt we’re buying down Villaba’s salary with TAM and will go after another up and coming international probably. We already have an option to buy Lucas Rodriguez in Argentina. Escobar is offical already and the Barco deal should be soon, he plays in the Sudamerican final last leg Wednesday night so after that an announcement should get made.

    Would really like to see us bring in some cover for Martinez up front, we were still dangerous with him out much of the middle of the season but him being out is night and day to our attack. Same goes for Alimiron but no way he’s with us past the summer window even he we can hold him thru the winter window.


    • Here’s how I see us lining up possibly 4231:


      Barco——–Alimiron(or Lucas Rodriguez)—-Villaba



      With Gressel, Lawrentowicz,McCann, and Carelton all off the bench depending on needs.

      Nasty roster they’ve put together.

  6. Looks like they added the defender already. Was excited about the young center mid but that may not be happening which may be the motivation behind this move.

  7. Wow! Not sure if I should get excited yet. Does this, coupled with Asad being led unprotected, mean that we’re losing a Key cog in the midfield?


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