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SBI MLS Cup Man of the Match: Michael Bradley

He didn’t score a goal, provide any assists in the MLS Cup Final but Michael Bradley was the best player on the pitch on a chilly night at BMO Field.

Bradley was the responsible player at the back of the TFC midfield, breaking up any Seattle attacks before they could get started. He was the primary passer in a midfield dominated by red shirts. He was the leader his team needed to pull through in a game where they controlled the ball, fired a ton of shots, and only had one stout goalkeeper standing in their way.

All that makes Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley SBI’s MLS Cup Man of the Match.

Bradley’s calming presence in the center of the park helped TFC to nearly 60% of the ball, with much of Seattle’s attack time coming after they were down a goal. He made several massive tackles late, helping lead TFC to the club’s first MLS Cup crown.

What did you think of Bradley’s performance? Who stood out to you on Saturday?

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  1. Once again this just a slap to the face the USMNT. he can play all-out for his team that’s paying him Millions but will WALK and impersonate a Traffic Cone for his country. Poor Leader. I don’t care how many of his old-boy network commentators/ MLS kiss-asses cry on TV how great he is. All this does is give excuses and a free pass to a guy who never had to have any real accountability in his soccer career due to his connections. If he is the USMNT captain for January camp then Sarachan is a weasel and USA soccer has no spine.

    • lol…. u mad bro? Tell us how u really feel…

      Funniest thing when bitter “fans” place blame on ONE player for a whole qualifying rounds problems lol

      A couple facts: Jozy had highest goals scored in qualifying of USMNT and second most in CONCACAF(Carlos Ruiz)

      So claim he did nothing all you want but the sheer fact that he LITERALLY scored more than anyone else on our team is all the objective truth that I need. Cheers…

  2. Bradley did what he always does; he was open for teammates whenever they looked up, he was positioned to cut off the opponents’ passes, he kept possession, and he made a few good long balls that failed to come to anything. He is usually suspect if he has to make tackles, but tonight, he did that well, he is not the guy you want to rely on to dribble in tight spaces, but he did that passably tonight, he is not a player who can take the ball into a crowded penalty area and score or create and he did not do that tonight.

    Still for a guy who has limited quickness, he does quite well in a sport that rewards quickness.


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