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Cameron Carter-Vickers accused of sulking by Sheffield United manager

Sheffield manager Chris Wilder may have shed some light on why U.S. U-20 international Cameron Carter-Vickers was recalled by Tottenham.

When talking about goalkeeper Jamal Blackmon, who is on loan from Chelsea at the club, he brought up Carter-Vickers and his attitude.

“It might have come as a shock to [Blackmon] but not once, like Cam, has he sulked and come to me,” Wilder told the Sheffield Star. “Not once has he come and said ‘I don’t like this or that,’ even though he did when he was in the team.”

Carter-Vickers was recalled from his loan at United despite starting 17 league matches. He wasn’t back at his parent club for long before being sent out on loan to Ipswich Town.


  1. that quote doesn’t make any sense. does wilder mean “like cam” or “unlike cam”? and sulking would indicate that he’s not coming to wilder about it, so is he or isn’t he? just odd.

  2. This doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. A player going to the coach is a good way to deal with issues so what’s wrong with that? Sometimes managers are the ones who can’t hold a relationship with a player together.

    • We don’t have the full picture but it sounds like CCV, being a Tottenham player, may have voiced his displeasure and it came off as ego to the manager. People may diminish this or write it off as silly but I’m am sure that players that come from big clubs to smaller clubs on loan deals have in their mind that they are better than what’s at the club they’re being loaned to, and ego and entitlement ensues!

  3. He calls it sulking and without being inside the organization, we can’t know otherwise. But he cites CCV coming into the office to speak with him and saying “He doesnt like this or that”. That could be sulking. But that could also just be a player fighting for his own spot. I’m not concerned yet. Ask me again if it happens at Ipswitch.


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