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Landon Donovan comes out of retirement, signs for Club Leon in Liga MX

Landon Donovan is apparently ending his retirement for a second time as he is on his way to Mexico.

The 35-year-old legendary U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder announced he has signed a one-year deal with Club Leon in Liga MX.

“I loved the city, it has the best fans. Club Leon is a historic & winning team,” Donovan tweeted in Spanish. “I don’t believe in walls. I want to go to Mexico, wear green and win trophies with Leon. We’ll see each other very soon!”

Donovan hasn’t played since the LA Galaxy ended their 2016 season in the Western Conference semi-final with a penalty kick defeat to the Colorado Rapids,

At the time, he said he was done playing.

“I can’t even chase my son around my house, so, I don’t think so,” he told Yahoo Sports when asked about returning to the pitch last March. “Yeah, I’m done. I’m done. No more playing for me.”

His MLS career saw him make 195 appearances with the Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes, scoring 101 goals. He also played seven matches with Bayer Leverkusen in Germany and played on short-term loans with Bayern Munich and twice with Everton.

There is no timetable for when he will suit up for his first match, but he did tweet fellow American Omar Gonzalez, who plays for Pachuca, that he looks forward to facing his side on February 24.

Leon will unveil their new signing at halftime of Saturday’s match against Toluca.


  1. I’m happy for him. Great match for his skill set.

    No heavy lifting, he’ll have the freedom to cut in from the outside and create, or play under the forwards…just pick out passes and spray it around. His soccer IQ, vision and passing will carry him in a slower tempo possession based game.

    If fat man Blanco could bounce around the leagues down there until he was 43 years old, why not LD…same creative style…same game.

    It will be fun watching how he does.

  2. I have always said that LD is the greatest player ever produced by the U.S and stood by it even when he pissed on my beloved estadio Jalisco. Good luck to him.

  3. Finally saw the right pyschiatrist which made him realize he’s a soccer player that loves the game and might still have a year left in him. Best of Luck!

  4. Every athlete spends time chasing that undeniable feeling of joy that comes when your impact makes a bit of the game go your way. LD is no different. Good luck to him, I hope his moments of joy will outweigh the moments of despair when his aging body lets him down.

  5. Finally, an ex nat with enough sense to conduct himself in such matters with an ounce of respect and a regard for the greater good. I understand not giving a crap, but all of you that are annoyed with this or see it as anything other then a positive are probably dead inside. God bless America.

    • Landon always said he wanted to play in Mexico one day. My guess is he wanted to experience something different and is going for pretty cheap.

      • Ulises- well, someone’s a little touchy about this, aren’t they…?

        Marquez, Blanco, and now Donovan, all MLS players who, well passed their prime, decided to go to Liga MX for one last paycheck. How is that not exactly what MLS is accused of doing with Euro stars?

        I’m happy for LD, and hope it goes well, but stop kidding yourself about your precious little league

      • Ulises,

        Calm down as the times they are changing and you have roll with the flow. MLS is THE football league in North America. Liga MX is good but the baton is getting ready to be passed on.

        Have Really Nice Day,
        Don G.

    • I have zero desire to ruin my impression of LD. I truly hope he does well as it will show quality of MLS i.e. he was no longer effective here, but I think you nailed it. A joke.

      • Pjs- Same. I’m a huge LD fan, so if he’s happy doing this, more power to him. But based on what I saw during his last comeback, the signature bursts of speed and incisive runs are nom longer there. So if he can make some dough and I can make fun of Liga MX, then we all win…

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