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Report: Besiktas announces Larin move, Orlando City deny deal

Cyle Larin is officially in the middle of a transfer saga.

Turkish powerhouse Besiktas announced that Larin was undergoing a medical with the club on Saturday ahead of a potential deal. However, according to, Orlando City officials insist that Larin is still under contract while adding that the club plans to take action against Besiktas.

Larin has long been interested in a move to Europe, while Orlando has been determined to hold onto the club’s star striker through his rookie contract in an effort to maximize the transfer profit the club can pocket.

According to the report, Orlando City officials had Larin sign an agreement in early 2017 stating that he was aware he had two option years for 2018 and 2019.

The incident could go all the way to FIFA if Besiktas refused to acknowledge Larin’s current deal with Orlando City.

Larin has scored 43 goals in three seasons with the Lions.


  1. My question is why isn’t Orlando letting him go? Was the offer price too low from turkey?

    It’s not like everyone doesn’t know that Larin has been trying to get to Europe for two years now. I’m surprised they are not being more accommodating and not announcing a big deal for the sale of Larin.

  2. Didn’t the same situation occur with Camilo San Vezzo? I thought the Whitecaps had option years on him but he had left already and they got some money out of it.

    • How is an option year not official? If it was in the contract that Larin signed, seems to me it would be binding on Larin.

      Maybe option years aren’t routinely part of contracts outside of the US, but that’s a far cry from saying it’s not official.

      Having said all of that, I agree that OC should get a few million from Beskitas and call it a day.


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