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Report: Besiktas looking to obtain temporary license for Cyle Larin

The Cyle Larin saga continued on Wednesday as Turkish-side Besiktas try to get the forward included in their squad.

Larin, who did not join Orlando City for their start of preseason on Monday, has stated his desire to play in Europe over the past few months. He has been with Besiktas for the last 10 days, despite not officially being signed to a contract. Larin was filmed training with Besiktas in their practice on Monday, despite not yet on their current roster.

Orlando City have already hired an attorney and has threatened to take action against Besiktas. Besiktas is currently training for their upcoming league fixture against Kasimpasa on Friday, but are looking to get Larin signed and included for their road fixture at Bursaspor on Feb. 2nd.

According to Kartal Bakisi, Besiktas is trying to obtain a temporary license for Larin to be included in the Bursaspor fixture.

Besiktas is currently in fourth place in the Turkish SuperLiga, while Larin is coming off 43 goals in three seasons with the Lions in MLS.


  1. Caught the last 15 mins of Besiktas’ game tonight, and they showed Larin sitting in the stands in plainclothes trying to keep himself warm. Haha funny sight indeed. The commentators made no mention of him.

  2. These kinds of machinations by a player rarely work out. They end up washed up and returning to MLS with the tail between their legs.

    • It is one of the advantages of MLS. Normally a club has to worry about team moral, and bringing back a player who doesn’t want to be there. Having the league, would does not really care about these issues, negotiate transfers removes that leverage.

    • They all ready did. Whoever is in charge of “coming down hard”. needs to ” come down hard on fourth place Turkish team

    • They don’t really expect to get him for free, they are just trying to force MLS to accept a reasonable offer. This would not happen in most leagues in the world, Larin has made it clear he wanted to play in Europe, his agent found a club, a deal would generally be worked out. It makes sense for the deal to be done now when MLS is in the offseason and a replacement could be found. MLS overvalues its talent partially because the league takes such a big cut of the fee. Orlando is stupid not to do the deal, Larin and Dwyer didn’t work well together, make the move and buy a player that fits in better with the striker you gave up a ton of cash for.

      It is somewhat of a sports culture difference, but you have NFL players that sit out to force contract renegotiations, and NBA has the sign and trade deals. MLS and Orlando are being short-sighted mortgaging short-term success over long-term benefits.


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