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Report: Cyle Larin misses first day of Orlando City preseason as transfer drama continues

The Cyle Larin saga continued through the first day of preseason.

Larin was reportedly absent on Monday as Orlando City began preseason training ahead of the 2018 season. The Canadian star’s absence comes in the wake of transfer drama surrounding a move to Besiktas, which was announced by the Turkish club despite Larin’s ongoing contract with the Lions.

“First and foremost, Cyle is a contracted [Orlando City] player. He was supposed to be here. Whether or not there will be repercussions for not being here is a little above my pay grade,” Orlando City coach Jason Kreis said according to ProSoccerUSA. “We look at that situation and say he’s an MLS and Orlando City player until we hear differently.”

Larin has long stated his desire to play in Europe, and it appears that dream may have to wait as proceedings continue into preseason.


  1. I think both are right. Clearly TX 2 Stepper shows where Larin’s head is at, whereas Yevgeniy is very correct that MLS routinely inserts their year-option clauses and they have always been honored in the past. My guess would be that Larin and his agent are trying to force their way out of that mutually agreed-upon contract by relying upon the usual custom in FIFA, not American law.

    My guess is that the real deal will end up somewhere in the middle – Larin will end up at Besiktas and Orlando will end up with SOMETHING…albeit probably not quite what they were expecting when they expected to have full sell-on compensation. Which will probably result in MLS taking a hard look at future year-option contracts going forward, especially depending upon which way the Court of Arbitration rules in this instance.

    MLS does things its own (sometimes high-handed) way, but that can sometimes get MLS burned, too. Be interesting to see what happens here.

  2. There us NO SUCH THING AS an Option Year in real sporting contracts unless they are mutually agreed upon. FIFA does not back these shenanigans … The court will not either … The MLS options are a one way clause that is sticking a gun in the wrist of young talent getting their first gig. Seems like someone wants to go the Court of Arbitration which almost always sides with players over clubs.

    • OMG, you are so smart! If parties have to mutually agree for something to take effect in the future, then it would not need to be an option in the contract. Parties can always agree to something. He signed this contract without a gun held to his head. He knew what he wa# gaining nd what he was giving up. He was a college player who got paid $200k+ a year out of the gate.

      I don’t think that you are better informed that MLS lawyers. Besiktas will absolutely have to settle

    • The usual smart analysis from you. Orlando should let a player who is contacted to them leave on a free transfer so they can they pay for his loan?

      But hey, you did manage to stick in there your negative view about an MLS player, so there is that!

    • well looking at the Besiktas roster, there is only one threat at froward to keep him on the bench in Alvaro Negredo, but if Cyle goes there and performs well he could replace Negredo who at 32y/o is on the downside of his career!


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