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Report: MLS Miami set for announcement on Monday

After four long years and plenty of stopping and starting, it appears MLS is finally coming to Miami.

The Miami Herald reported Wednesday that MLS has scheduled an official event for Monday to announce the launch of David Beckham’s MLS team. Beckham appears to have finalized details to the league’s approval, prompting Monday’s official announcement.

The announcement will put a close to a four-year long process that began with the league’s announcement of Miami in 2014. In the years since, Beckham and co. have been frustrated by a stadium search that has brought the group to several different locations in search of the land required.

Beckham’s ownership group secured that land in Overtown, where the club is set to build a privately-financed 25,000-seat stadium. However, there is still opposition as Bruce Matheson, a local wealthy landowner, is one of several parties suing to block construction of the stadium.

Miami moguls Jorge and Jose Mas recently joined the club’s ownership group, adding further financial backing and local ties to the club’s push.


  1. Original SBI Mafia here…we die hard aFUSIONados never gave up and are finally getting our beloved team back! It will be the jewel in MLS Crown…and we will get back to beating the Metrobulls and DC on a regular basis again ; ) #VamosFusion.

    Italia of the aFUSIONados

  2. water so clear you can see to the bottom. hundred thousand dollar cars? everybody’s got ’em. Miami. uh uh Miami.

    Monday, huh? can’t wait. 🙂

  3. How many times has there been an announcement?

    If the announcement SAYS something, then it will be news.

  4. Four years? Feels longer. To think, in that time they could have built a stadium, had a couple years under their belt, and settled into a reliable attendance of ~8,000/game (24,000 announced).

    Can’t wait for this…what?…tenth “major” announcement. Don is really going to have to dig deep into his BS bag for this one. Let the hyperbole begin.


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