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Report: NWSL delegates to vote for Kathy Carter in U.S. Soccer election

Kathy Carter already has the support of MLS, and reports say she’ll have the support of the NWSL as well in Saturday’s U.S. Soccer election.

According to Sports Illustrated, the NWSL’s three voting delegates (4.8 percent of the total vote) will go to Carter. The news comes as a further boost to Carter’s campaign as the longtime executive is also expected to have the support of the nine MLS voting delegates on the Professional Council. In total, Carter has already reportedly locked up 19.3 percent of the vote.

The winner of the election will need a majority of the vote, and revotes will be conducted until that is the case.

While MLS and the NWSL have thrown support behind Carter, the NASL has placed its 1.6 percent of the vote behind Eric Wynalda.


  1. I can’t believe they would support Gulati’s protege. Gulati and company made the USWNT play in horrible turf conditions, causing injuries to Rapino and Pugh. I guess they care about their players as much as the NFL cares about theirs. Shameful.

  2. Men make the “real money” via: TV ratings, selling merchandise, selling tickets in game, already having MLS over 20 years etc…Can’t compare the “real” World Cup to “chicks” World Cup in revenue produce.

    Make “own money” & spend it! Don’t spend money “didn’t earn”!

      • It’s about the money you produce, “chicks” don’t produce that much money, even third rate USNT male produces more money, & no one in the World invest & pay that much on the “chick” side. Basically, USSF investing too much money “chicks” & barely enough anything on “MEN” side because “MEN” are the bread-winners.

      • The NWSL is propped up by US Soccer though isn’t it? Much of the money the Women’s team earns goes to subsidizing their league. Money in the men’s game goes the the national team where the women’s money is spread between NWSL and Women’s team. I don’t believe thats the case with MLS. Can anyone fact check me here?

  3. I guess sexism is ok when it’s women for women. “Never mind the most qualified we will vote for the crooked status quo as long as it’s a woman”

    • Why are you jumping to sexism? Because the women’s league voted for a woman. Why not sexism when the men’s league (NASL) voted for Wynalda? You criticise in other things (keeping the same philosophy of Gulati or existing leadership), however sexism is not what jumped to my mind. I was thinking isn’t this in line with existing leadership????

      This says a whole lot more about you than realize, and I am not a bleeding heart, far left voter

  4. The only honest person in this group. Did you want “angry” Eric Wynalda so he’ll give the Federation control to the Italian Riccardo Silva? Did you know who is really this gentleman?

  5. Yes- let’s keep more of the same. We were really just unlucky to not make the World Cup… I mean if that one ball was 2 inches o the left then no one would be talking about making wholesale changes. But hey- look at how much money we have in that one bank account and we have a really good deal on marketing rights for….


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