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Sepp Blatter endorses Morocco’s bid to host 2026 World Cup

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter has spoken up about the 2026 World Cup.

Blatter, who is serving a ban from all football related activities for various counts of bribery, endorsed Morocco’s efforts to host the first 48 team World Cup in 2026 on his personal Twitter account on Thursday, saying “it is time for Africa again!”

Blatter presided over FIFA when they selected South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup, the first African nation to be selected hosts.

Morocco is the only other nation to step up and bid against the combined efforts of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to host world soccer’s biggest event in 2026. A decision on who hosts is expected at the next FIFA Congress on June 13.


  1. pretty sure the fix is in for usa to get wc in 2026 and what we are seeing here is the set up of the ‘straw man’ opponent to make it look like some kind of fair selection process is taking place. (no offense intended to morocco)

  2. Blatter’s comments come from his thought that he would still be in office had it not been for the FBI investigation.

    However, I wonder how much international pain CONCACAF will continue to endure from the FIFA world because of the betrayal by Chuck Blazer, the quackery of Jack Warner, and the ongoing and overall oafery of our Carribbean (or just our federation) voters.

    • To that you can add what foreigners consider to be our abhorrent anti-immigrant policies and travel ban, and disrespectful foreign policy. Our present administration is very, very unpopular abroad.

  3. Big shocker that ole Sepp has a burr in his undies about the US-of-A, considering we did, you know, parade half his organization out in handcuffs.

    The butthurt seems strong with that one.


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