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The SBI Soccer Podcast: Episode 1 (CCL, USSF presidential election, and more)

As the new year rolls on into its second month, and American soccer provides a ton to discuss, SBI Soccer is ready to unveil a new listen for the site’s followers: The SBI Soccer Podcast, featuring the site’s editorial team.

Co-hosts Joe Hojnacki, Ryan Tolmich, and Joe Tansey will take you on a tour of all things American soccer throughout the course of the MLS season and beyond.

Delivering the news throughout the country and highlights of the top American players overseas, the new SBI Soccer Podcast will have every angle covered.

This week on the show, Hojnacki, Tolmich and Tansey give their takes on Carlos Cordeiro, the newly-elected president of U.S. Soccer, and the state of the federation under its new leadership.

They also look ahead to the return of competitive soccer featuring MLS sides with the CONCACAF Champions League. Which MLS sides are primed to go through to the quarterfinals and which could be looking at an upset?

Finally, the guys look ahead to the weekend’s action involving Americans plying their trade overseas.

Have a listen as SBI embarks on a new podcasting journey:

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  1. congrats on the new adventure! the hardest part is usually getting started, and i see you have already done that 😛

    • oh i quite disagree. yes, an ex-soccer player can be confed president. he or she is advised by experts, doesn’t have to be one.

  2. I’m glad the SBI pod is back. I’ve always wondered why this format wasn’t tried previously, given Ives’s potential contract conflict issues. It makes sense for SBI. I hope it works out.

    I agree with SilverRey, Please consider making this easily downloadable without having to surrender personal info by registering with a third party website.

    Finally, please change your annoying intro music. Off key cliched fan chants should stay in the stadium. Somebody at SBI should know a high school kid who could come up with a royalty free intro bump using freely available digital DJ software.


    • Yes, good to see this one back. Speaking of podcasts, Tim V from S America was yapping on again recently on BBC 5 about some sort of pan-america club tournament. MLS sorely needs that to showcase it’s talent in the way European leagues can in Champions league (or Europa). The only solution I see is to minimize CCL and Copa Lib (16 teams & 24 teams, respectively), and maybe even have them as a single elimination tournaments. Fifa has rules on 1st tier club tournaments for the confederations; however, for the 2nd it can be wide open and experimental. I suggest creating Copa Noramericana in the 2nd half (of 1st half if switched with Copa Lib), which would contain 16 teams north of the equator in the Americas (Colombia to Canada). The groups could have the name of liberators, such as Washington & Hidalgo, as if to suggest it’s the real cup of the liberators. Copa Sud & Copa Nor would merge at the quarters, home and away games. The odds that all 4 teams in the quarters would be MLS teams would be super slim, but at least 1 or even 2 could be, and that would give those cities a taste of real international club tournament.I’d totally watch Dallas FC vs San Lorenzo, and I live nowhere near Texas. I won’t watch any MLS vs Arabe Unido

    • iTunes

      Just subscribe and also click the settings to make sure it will download since the recent update changed the default to “off” instead of auto-downloading.

      Of course, if you don’t have an iPhone, just do it on a computer…

  3. This makes me so happy!!! i promise to listen and tweet questions at you for the show….up until the Dynamo are out of contention for a championship.

    Will the music on the podcast be per-approved by Ives?


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