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Bobby Wood set to play under new manager as Hamburg fires Hollerbach

Hamburg relieved Bernd Hollerbach of his managerial duties Monday after a suffering their third consecutive loss.

The team that features U.S. Men’s National Team forward Bobby Wood sits 17th in the Bundesliga table, with a seven-point gap between itself and 16th-place Mainz.

Replacing Hollerbach is under-21 boss Christian Titz, who will take over for the remainder of the season.

In recent weeks, Wood’s playing time has diminished, as he played 103 minutes over three games. Wood’s only had one 90-minute outing since returning from the Winter break, while the club has earned three points from three draws in that time span.

Hamburg is currently on a 13-match winless run that dates back to November 26.


  1. Wood is a decent striker, but he’s so streaky. And when his confidence is low, as it likely is now, he’s going to need time to get his mojo back. Hopefully the new manager can help him gain some confidence so he finds himself back on the field while showing some productivity. Otherwise not much of a point in having a striker who can’t score leading the line.

    Frankly he could probably use a game for the Nats where he might get a full game and bag a couple of goals to get him going.

  2. From what I’ve seen Hamburg’s problem isn’t their manager, but their upper management that doesn’t want to spend money to get more quality players. Their defense is pretty bad and they rarely control the midfield. Wood is just a so-so striker at this level and I don’t see anyone they have who is better. It’s hard to score when you don’t have chances.Whoever the manager is, those problems won’t go away and Wood won’t be able to do well.

  3. I think Dortmund would be a good fit for Wood, and if they sell Pulisic this summer then they will want another good attacking player.

  4. Only Michael Bradley will be called in. 25 micahel bradleys vs Paraguay and that’s exactly how Bruce Arena..err… I mean Dave Sarachan likes it.

  5. Not making excuses for Wood because he has struggled this season but he is normally starved of any service and when he has gotten the few opportunities he hasn’t finished. Maybe new manager will change formation and might be helpful. Overall a poor year for him and the whole team. Maybe a call up this month could bring a little confidence back

      • How do you know this?? Is it just because it’s a european league?? I’ve seen quite a few Bundesliga 2. games and have come away unimpressed, but that’s just me though

      • Really, you still think that B2 is better than MLS? 2018 version of MLS? That’s just irrational. Maybe the top teams are slightly better but not top-to-bottom

  6. Looks like Wood will be looking for a new team. Coaching changes in Europe seem to almost always be bad for American players.


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