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Miami officials suggest local golf course for MLS stadium site

Miami has officially been granted an MLS team, but the stadium search appears anything but finalized.

According to the Miami Herald, owner Jorge Mas met with city manager Emilio Gonzalez to discuss stadium locations on Monday. Gonzalez suggested  the city-owned Melreese golf course as a potential alternative for an MLS stadium site after Mas stated last week that he would prefer a larger stadium site than the long-discussed nine-acre location in Overtown, which has seen considerable opposition from the local community.

“I suggested that perhaps Melreese could be an interesting place to consider, given what it provides,” Gonzalez said, according to the Herald. “They expressed an interest. We both agreed to continue a dialogue.”

“I think the vision that they’ve demonstrated also is greater and grander than the capacity for that site,” Miami mayor Francis Suarez told the Herald with regards to the Overtown site.

The Melreese location is significantly larter than the Overtown area at 180 acres, and, if the ownership group were to obtain even a chunk of that area, it would allow the group to build a larger complex with a youth academy included.



  1. Honestly, sports stadiums should only be built on Golf courses. Golf is overwhelmingly played by rich people on land that’s subsidized by the government at the expense of the tax payer. That’s why there’s absolutely zero chance they get this site

  2. That’s a much better site, only 20x larger at 180 acres. You could put in a decent stadium with lots of playing fields for youth soccer and a park for the residents, with parking, etc.


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