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Giuseppe Rossi’s agent: No MLS move for at least two years


Giuseppe Rossi has been linked to MLS many times throughout his career. The forward is currently playing for Italian club Genoa, but his agent recently discussed the possibility of an MLS move, even if it is some time away.

Rossi’s agent, Andrea Pastorello, says the American-born forward will reflect on his situation with Genoa at the end of the Serie A campaign. Rossi has made four total appearances for the club, totaling 64 minutes of action.

According to a report in Italy, NYCFC was one club in for Rossi before the forward opted to sign in Italy. Rossi’s current deal features an optional two-year renewal.

“At the end of the season we will take stock of the situation with the club to understand what the prospects are, and it was Genoa who asked to include a clause for next season and we were happy to grant it,” Pastorello said.

“MLS? The will of Giuseppe is to continue his adventure in European football, at least for another two years, as I said before the precedence obviously goes to Genoa, a club in which he is very well. There are other situations, but always with the idea of ​​remaining in the Old Continent.”


  1. This guy think is a crack,to be in europe,the mexican players now said the MLS is growing,and don´t play only old man like before,he can stayin europe,and lay there
    forever in the bench,The Mls,dont need him,Giovinco is younger than him and much better
    and a figure whit Toronto Fc

  2. This is the story that never dies on SBI. Jersey born, but loving his ancestral homeland more, Rossi chose to stick his nose up at the US. To this day his agent and him never fail to make headlines as they hypothetically reject the US (now MLS) over and over.

    Someone said its masochistic on our part. Indeed.

    I just hope he signs with NYCFC which will add another level to my disdain for them.

    • In two years after he’s recovering from another ACL, maybe Las Vegas will give him a look to see if he can fill a role as Freddy Adu’s boot boy

  3. Given his age, injury history and the fact that he’s not really getting on the field now, I would think that any MLS team interested in him would want to bring him in for a trial before signing him. And that’s if Rossi was looking to make the move now; in two years, who knows if any MLS team will have any interest in him.

  4. Wow, how do you say “FU” in Italian?
    I think he would be quite lucky to get a decent contract in MLS today, never mind 2 years. If all you can get is 64 minutes in Genoa, not sure you qualify as a starter in today’s mLS. What team would even want him?

    I wonder if his agent authorized to say what he said. It seems like Rossi was recently trying to patch things up with US Soccer fans even somewhat admitting that he may be regretting his defection. I thought that was paving a way to come to MLS.

      • BWP is a fairly rare case. Most players of similar profile didn’t do anything, like The English guy Philly got last year. Also, BWP was in much better physical shape. There is absolutely no way that Rossi will play for 4.5 years without missing more than 2-3 games like BWP did

  5. For the life of me, I don’t know why MLS would be pursuing an injury prone player who never managed to do much on the “old continent”. 64 minutes over 4 games this season? Ooh very impressive! I mean, I guess a a deal in the $250k range for him to draw some NJ fans might be fine. This isn’t about him choosing Italy over the US, it’s just that he’s not that good anymore (if ever).

      • I think it’s adorable how your Pavlovian instincts kick in any time you see one of my posts. But go ahead, Lil Bobby, tell me when Rossi had back to back good seasons. Because there have been countless flashes in the pan who plied their trade in Europe who had a good season but then faded.

        Was Rossi talented? Sure. But if you’re constantly rehabbing from a serious injury, you can’t play at a level where people recognize you as a good player. You have to be able to string solid season after solid season. Rossi never has.

        I’ll wait for your response.

    • Looking at his annual statistics one could be forgiven for thinking he last peaked c. 2013-14 when he hurt a knee yet again. I’ve really not heard of him since then other than every time he hits the market masochists want for us to fight for his services yet again. He’s even hurt his knee again since he started to fall apart, and yet his Mr. 10% is like I want to play out my option. “The girl doesn’t like you, don’t you get it?”

    • According to your new definition of the word “good” Pulisic doesn’t meet your criteria because he hasn’t been able to string solid season after solid season. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it? It’s because it is. The reason Rossi’s keeps getting contracts in a league much better than mls is because he’s “good” in every sense of the world.
      Unvelibably you manage to up the level of stupidity in each and every post you make. Kudos for that.

      • Let me get this straight: You’re comparing a 31-year old washed up player who has had a dozen years to accomplish something in European soccer to a 19 year old kid who, by every scouting report and ranking (done by European news outlets), is considered to be the future? Don’t look now, but you just made my point.

        Rossi is basically the rich man’s Freddy Adu. He’s a skilled player who once showed lots of promise, but it never came to fruition. He’s bounced around to different teams. His best stretch was 6 seasons at Villareal where he scored 54 goals in that span. You’re telling me that averaging 9 goals per season for a forward makes him a good player? Show me any tangible evidence that he’s good, any ranking or accomplishment or any kind that Rossi is a good player and warrants attention from MLS.

        You should focus on what you do best, Lil Bobby: Annoying USMNT fans. That’s your forte. Stick with that before you embarrass yourself anymore…

      • You in all serious might be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. You just flat out can’t be so stupid without a real mental handicap… my apologies to any mentally challenged folks who are offended by the comparison.

    • I’m unsure what the attraction is, he will want a ton of money probably, his statistics suggest since the injuries he’s broken and past it, and people have been begging for him to come here and play for the better part of two decades unsuccessfully. Even now it’s like, well, we’d like to hang out in Europe for a while longer and maybe get back to it in 2020. Knowing full well he’s coming off an ACL and has played all of twice since then. Pass.

      We should be pursuing the Henry-type players of the world that like America and are eager to come here and play, and do so with gas left in the tank. I don’t think it does the league much good to wave dollar bills in front of players to come here and retire.

      • I agree and with his injury history and age, he would be of limited use to any MLS club, maybe one looking for a goal at the end of a close game. That does not sound like NYFC, Red Bull, Orlando, or their ilk; maybe Chicago, Philadelphia or Portland perhaps a late game-time foil for Zardes in Columbus.

        But really, who would want him? He will not draw fans in and he will likely be of limited use to even the most needy teams.

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