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SBI Question of the Day: How far can Zlatan Ibrahimovic lead the LA Galaxy?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic produced one of the most memorable debuts in Major League Soccer history on Saturday, as his two goals led the LA Galaxy to a 4-3 win over LAFC.

While Saturday’s game won’t soon escape our memory, it is only the start of the impact the Swedish international hopes to have on MLS.

With seven months left to play in the regular season, Ibrahimovic is going to make a lasting impact on the Galaxy, and there’s a good chance he’ll carry them into the playoffs if he plays like he did on Saturday.

But just how far will the 36-year-old take the five-time MLS Cup champion? That’s where we want to hear from you.

Respond in the poll below with how far you think the Galaxy will go this season with Ibrahimovic in the lineup.

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  1. The Galaxy is stacked in attack and midfield, but needs help in defense. One or two good trades should balance them out and make them very dangerous. That said, I still don’t see them hanging with Toronto, NYCFC, RBNY, Atlanta.

  2. I like Sebastian Lletget a lot and his return obviously added a bunch to Galaxy on Saturday. Pontius is no-frills but his hard running and relentless work rate isn’t going to hurt you. And Boateng is lightning in a bottle; he tends to fade after 60 or so but he can really stretch you while he’s out there.

    Add in some interested – that being the all-important qualifier – Dos Santos brothers and I think you’ve got the ingredients of something special.

    You do wonder if the Dos Santos will get along with the Zlatan, but then, you wonder that with Zlatan and everybody. They actually might. For as enormous as Zlatan is he likes clever play and intelligent interchange and he might actually mix well with them, and his relentless will to win could be good for them. Again, as long as they don’t combust.

    Agree with those who say the Galaxy need defenders in the worst way.

  3. Difficult to say. I will say, even without the Dos Santos brothers or Alesandrini, there is a lot of quality depth on this team in the attack. The weakness lies in defense, and I believe they need to sign a quality outside back and CB before the WC to make a real title push.

    • Exactly right. Cole is terrible and might be the best guy back there.

      For them at least the offense isn’t one of the worst this year, so big step up. But if ZI gets injured, they are barely better off over last year.

  4. I choose not to vote because this is really a silly question that no one can answer. SBI is gonna ride Zlatan’s first game long and hard, like they did the Jonathan Gonzalez switch.

    Zlatan had a great start, and he will improve the LAG, but he will most likely skip games played on turf, and some of the East Coast games due to the crazy distances. As a LAG fan, I’m glad he joined the team and pleased with his performance, but it’s just one game.

    • So, you’re going to wait until the end of the season to make a prediction? Grow a pair and take a guess. You can’t possibly look any more ignorant around here.

      • “Grow a pair…”? It’s adorable when you try to act all tough, even though you’re not even old enough to drive, Lol’ Bobby, let alone have educated opinions about soccer.

        No, I won’t “take a guess,” as you suggested. I’d rather share opinions and have discussions based on fact. But keep doing you, and the rest of us can keep laughing at your idiotic posts

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